Nigerian software company, Vatebra gives to charity with the Food-4-Charity initiative


In their hundreds, they flock to the Okobaba Destitute Home, located in the heart Ebute-Metta, Lagos. The quest for shelter and life draws the lepers, the blind, and the crippled to this home. Their plight is palpable. They survive by begging for alms, hawking, and juggling menial jobs. Have they found a better life? No, but can they have a helping hand…? YES!

In continuation of her Corporate Social Responsibility initiative initiated in 2018, Tech Company, Vatebra Limited on the 5th of June 2021 carried out the FOOD for CHARITY CSR activity donating food and items of personal convenience to inhabitants of the Destitute Village in Okobaba Ebute Meta Lagos.

This year’s CSR effort endeared a commitment to giving a friendly & helping hand to those who are most deserving of it. “It is the most simple and glorious thing to do in a world in lack of love & care”

Mr. Kunle Akinniran, Managing Director of Vatebra

On the other hand, the Deputy Managing Director, Mike Aigbe identified that “at Vatebra Limited, we believe that every person counts and thus, we focus our CSR mainly on locals and individuals with rare access to basics like food, which has been a constant daily struggle for many.”

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In receiving the 200 goodie bags, the spokesman of both the Leper and Blind sections of the Village appreciated the efforts of the Vatebra Food-4-Charity. While they requested even more help, they prayed and promised to continue to put Vatebra Limited in their daily prayers. The highlight of the day was the happiness and high spirit this act brought to their faces.

It is interesting to note that May 11th, 2018 marked the beginning of this CSR activity with the Vatebra Walk4Charity initiative, led by our Executives on a 400 meters walk. Vatebra staff culminated the day with the donation of items to the selected Orphanage.

Vatebra Limited is an ICT company in Africa with competency in the delivery of cutting-edge Software Solutions in the Private and Public Sectors. Vatebra was established in 2003 as Fleet Technologies Limited, but rebranded in 2016 as Vatebra Limited. The Company is established to bridge the gap in the provision of competent and dependable Software Solutions. With this initiative, Vatebra Limited have continued to show commitment to a graceful world, one that begins with giving a helping hand. 

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