Twitter Ban: NBC orders Channels, Arise TV and other broadcasting stations to stop using Twitter

#TwitterBan: Twitter has reached out for dialogue- Nigerian Minister of Communications

The Nigerian media regulator has ordered Channels, AIT and other broadcasting stations in the country to stop using Twitter.

The directive was issued by Armstrong Idachaba, the acting director-general, the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) on Monday.

This latest development comes after the suspension of the social media platform by the Federal Government last week. The ban, according to the government, was in part due to the decision of Twitter to delete the president’s Tweet.

Twitter Ban: NBC Orders Channels, AIT & other broadcasting stations to stop using Twitter

According to the director-general, all media stations in the country have been directed to uninstall the application “and desist from using Twitter as a source (UGC) of information gathering for news and programmes presentation, especially phone-in.

He added that Section 2(1) gave the commission power to ensure strict adherence to the national laws, rules and regulations, one of which the Twitter ban falls under.

“Section 3.11.2  of the Nigeria Broadcasting Code provides that ‘the broadcaster shall ensure that law enforcement is upheld at all times in a matter depicting that law and order are socially superior to or more desirable than Crime and Anarchy.’ “Attention is also drawn to section 5.6.3 of The Code which requires Broadcasters to be mindful of materials that may cause disaffection, incite to panic or rift in the society in the use of a user-generated Content (UGC).

Armstrong Idachaba, the acting director-general, the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC)

Nigerian’s adopt VPN services

Following the announcement of the ban on Friday, and a following directive by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Telcos in the country shut off access to Twitter during the weekend.

However, many Nigerians including newspapers and broadcast stations turned to VPN service to keep information flowing across the country on the platform.

Twitter Ban: NBC Orders Channels, AIT & other broadcasting stations to stop using Twitter

However, with this latest directive, broadcasting stations will be forced to go silent on Twitter or face sanctions from the Government.

Reports say Channels have already adhered to the NBC Directive

According to Armstrong, any broadcaster that is caught patronising the suspended Twitter app as a source of its information will be classified as unpatriotic.

In summary

Before now, several companies in the country like Kuda have shut off their Twitter support in compliance while others with foreign offices have announced that they have shifted offices outside the country.

The biggest note in this latest development in the battle between Nigerian Twitter and the FG is the fact that the government is doing all it can to silence any voices Nigerians have on the platform especially with the planned June 12 protests closing fast.

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