INFOSERV Launches in Nigeria, Organizes Free Session to Help Solve Talent Management Problems

INFOSERV People Tech Solutions has launched in Nigeria after over 40 years of service in the Caribbeans and recently, in Ghana. The company aims to inspire clients to peak performance by delivering unparalleled value through innovative technology and human capacity development solutions.

With so many years into the pursuit of making organizations, teams, and their members more productive. INFOSERV’s quest to drive enhanced performance has been anchored by these two pillars: Technology Deployment and Capacity Development.

Speaking on the team’s founding objective, founder and chairman, Trevor E. S. Smith says that INFOSERV has been built on the unremitting drive to help business leaders build teams and team cultures that will guarantee growth and sustainable development.

“For over 40 years, we have been on a mission to drive productivity by enhancing the performance of individuals, teams, and their organizations over technology and capacity development solutions.

Trevor E. S. Smith, Founder and Chairman of Infoserve

“We impact a range of HR and talent management activities from recruitment and selection to onboarding to training needs assessment, learning and development, career planning, succession planning, and also performance management which are keys to the success of the organization,” he adds.

Richard Solomon, CEO, Infoserv

Chibueze Manly Nwankpa INFOSERV’s General Manager in Nigeria says that the expansion is meant to increase the company’s reach to major markets in Africa as well as extend its impact to businesses within the region. According to him, adopting technology transformation is key for organizations that seek to survive the new realities of the workplace today.

“Think about a typical workplace ten years ago, you will see how very manual a lot of levels were and see what it is today because of the introduction of technology. Thinking about the fisher of work also, every organization definitely needs a technology transformation. And the best place to go to is INFOSERV,” he says.

The Success with People Academy (by INFOSERV) and the INFOSERV Institute of Technology are recognized by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP recertification.

About the Free Webinar

INFOSERV Launches in Nigeria, Organizes Free Session to Help Solve Talent Management Problems

In addition to launching in Nigeria, INFOSERV will be hosting a FREE webinar for business leaders and HR personnel on May 19, 2021. This 2-hour virtual session aims at helping business leaders and managers to identify and scale through team underperformance by proffering profit-boosting technology solutions.

They will share some of the knowledge from their vast range of experience of working with organizations like 3M, Unilever Coca Cola, PepsiCo, IBM, VODAFONE, NCC Nigeria, Methanex corporation, Bocra Botswana, Bofinet Botswana, Telkom South Africa, City of east point Georgia, Rcn networks USA, Nestle, British gas, Tantalus corporation Canada, These are the companies we have worked for and more.

This webinar is important for business leaders and HR professionals who are looking to build high-performing teams or struggling to scale through underperformance among members of their team. To register for this webinar, click here or send an email to [email protected] For more information about INFOSERV People Tech Solutions, visit

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