Forget Parties and Hangouts, These Guys Found Love in Strange Places

They Found Love in Strange Places: Shall We?

You don’t always see love coming! Even with all your shakara, love can find you in the most unexpected places and under the weirdest circumstances. But as the saying goes, “all is well that ends well.”

I remember chatting with a female colleague at the office on lovey-dovey matters. She told me she didn’t mind linking up with Prince Charming while simply walking down the streets, “say no be until she go party or hangout before she jam her future boo jare.”

Who will prosecute you for meeting your own “Bridgerton” or “Duke of Hastings” at a GNLD interview?

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As you celebrate Valentine’s day all cuddled up and exchanging gifts, we bring you some unusual love stories shared by people like us with two eyes and one heart. P.S: These are not stories that touch.

Fun fact: A woman’s heart is two-third the size of a man’s, and women generally have faster heart rates than men. This explains why women are more emotional.

Uber Love; He Stuck With Me Like Glue – Jade

Well, he came to pick me from my parents house to my brothers and we got talking during the ride, I’m usually interactive with taxi drivers.

After the trip he politely asked for my number then sent a text later offering to take me out because I had said I was bored but I declined.

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We didn’t talk for about two weeks till the next Sunday after the Sunday he dropped me. When I got to church he was sitting in front of me.

From that moment he stuck with me like glue.

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Na person pikin this Jade turn to adhesive oh.

He Kept Waving at Me in the Webinar Chat – Rita

So this guy and I had attended the same university but never really got talking. About 4 years post-graduation, we were both working in different organizations and since there was COVID-19 last year, meetings were held on Zoom.

The guy’s organization hosted a webinar for stakeholders in the same industry. Funny enough, I got to represent my organization on the call.

While the webinar was going on, he kept sending me the wave emoji via the chat section.

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After the webinar ended I waved back and waited for others to leave. He took it as green light and shot his shot. He said he wanted us to know each other more.

One thing led to another and we started dating.

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ATM Romance, Are You the Last on the Queue? – George

Okay, I am that guy who always asks to know the last person on the queue when I go to withdraw from the ATM. Because I cannot coman let you embarrass my generation because of 2k.

One day at the ATM, I asked this pretty lady if she was the last on the queue. She just kept a straight face and was like “ya”. Make I no lie baba, she be spec and I don dey feel the babe sef.

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I gave her close marking till it was her turn to withdraw. After she did I asked her to please wait till I was done withdrawing. Omo she gree oh.

We walked off together and talked about general stuff. Las las, straight face begin dey smile for Zaddy.

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She became My Favourite Customer – Tobi

At the time this happened, I was working as a Customer care agent with one of Nigeria’s telecom companies in Lagos.

She called that day to complain about her internet service, after giving me a piece of her mind on how it took so long before her call was assigned to an agent. She clear me oh, my brother. But I fell in love with her voice sha.

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Well, I allowed her to vent her frustrations then went on to address the issue.

She wasn’t satisfied so I asked if she didn’t mind me calling her later to confirm that the issue had been resolved.

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She said no problem and that was the beginning of our love life. I never expected it but I’m glad it happened.

In Summary

These are other people’s shared experiences about how they found love in strange settings. How far are you willing to go for love? Whatever you do, please ensure that you don not put yourself or anyone in harm’s way.

Do you have an unusual or bizarre love story? Let us know in the comments section below, we would love to hear them!

*All names in this post have been changed to protect the identity of our sources.

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