App Review: Cryptofully Eases Global Remittances Through Bitcoin, but it has no Wallet Feature Yet

App Review: Cryptofully Eases Global Remittances Using Bitcoin, but Has No Wallet Feature Yet

Cryptofully is a Nigerian crypto platform which facilitates remittances into Naira bank accounts globally using bitcoin. The Cryptofully app was recently launched as a sister product to crypto exchange, NairaEx.


Remittances in Naira are completed every day especially by Nigerians residing overseas when sending money back home to their loved ones or paying Nigerian gig workers and merchants.

Many Nigerians now prefer to process remittances through crypto platforms due to lower charges, faster completion rates and higher limits on maximum transaction volumes. This is unlike traditional international money transfer operators which are more expensive and take longer processing times.

For instance, WorldRemit charges up to $28 on every $1,000 transaction to Nigeria which could take up to 3 days before completion.

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Looking to ease global remittances, the Cryptofully app enables users to transfer money via Bitcoin to Nigerian account holders at zero charges.

The Android app has over 1,000 downloads on Google Play Store. It is rated an average of 3.6 out of 5 stars and also available for iOS on the App Store. In this article, I review the version 1.1.4 of the app based on its user interface set-up, operability of available features and feedback structure.

User Interface

The Cryptofully app comes with a very simplified user interface that makes signing up to the platform easy and quite straightforward.

Cryptofully app screenshot

After installing the app, I set up my account within five minutes. Sign-up details required are your email address, a unique username, password and a 4-digit security code. You can also enable a fingerprint lock for added security.

Once your registration is approved, you will have to verify your email. Upon successful verification, you will then be redirected to the Cryptofully home page.


I found the app to offer quick response time for processes as I explored the app’s features. The main interface shows the Naira, Bitcoin and dollar tabs for every amount inputted.

However, the profile icon at the top right end of the page is too small but a gentle tap loads your profile display.

Cryptofully app screenshot

Bitcoin prices are updated in real-time and the app enables up to 150 Nigerian banks as well as fintechs including Flutterwave and Kuda for payments.

All transfers are zero-rated but the maximum amount is $5,000 – which is still 400% higher than the $1,000 limit transacted by the likes of WorldRemit and TransferWise to Nigeria.

To send money, you only have to enter the recipient’s Naira bank account number and select the bank. However, you must own an external Bitcoin wallet to fund the transfer. This is not very convenient, as users are not able to complete remittances entirely on the platform.

A Cryptofully user on the Play Store, Elvis Essomeonu noticed this and asked, “Is there a way we can fund our account using bank transfer or cryptocurrency directly from our cards?”

On the other hand, receiving payments generates a QR code Bitcoin address which can easily be shared with the sender.

Cryptofully app screenshot

With its “Bills” feature, Cryptofully users can also make payments for airtime, mobile data, Cable TV and electricity.

Feedback Structure

The Cryptofully app integrates a customer support service where users can ask questions or make complaints.

After my experience using the app, I asked the contact person “Nora” if I could buy Bitcoin and save it in a wallet on cryptofully. She responded in about five minutes.

Cryptofully app screenshot

The fact that users cannot buy Bitcoin and store in a wallet via the app to easily fund transfers is a concern, with the app not wholly functioning independently. But Cryptofully says it will soon introduce the service.

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