Airtel Nigeria Apologises to Subscribers Following Prolonged Service Outage

Airtel Nigeria Apologises to Subscribers Following Complaints on Prolonged Service Outage

Telecom operator, Airtel has apologised to subscribers in Nigeria for its extended service stoppage yesterday. This comes after several Airtel users across the country berated the network provider on the grounds that they could not access internet services for hours.

In response to many dissatisfied customers, Airtel disclosed that it experienced a network disruption which brought about the lengthy service downtime yesterday and stated that its internet access has been restored.

Airtel advised subscribers to restart their devices in order to regain access to uninterrupted network and internet.

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Subscribers Complain of Internet Downtime

Across social media, many Airtel subscribers bemoaned the lengthy network failure which prevented them from accessing the internet for a prolonged time.

A number of Airtel users stated that the service downtime lasted for at least 6 hours. Wale Sanmi for instance, demanded an apology from the telco after another user complained about the poor internet connection.

Like Wale, another Twitter user, Ibro said that the Airtel network had been unavailable for 6 hours while Daniel said he couldn’t access internet for almost 7 hours.

Certain subscribers claimed that the network interruption started around 3pm yesterday and remained unresolved till 9pm.

Mr. Dipo on twitter was much more disappointed with Airtel, stating that he missed some important meetings due to the downtime. He opined that network operators should be mandated to compensate subscribers for service failures.

When will @fccpcnigeria or @NgComCommission start forcing service providers to pay compensation for disrupted services? Today @AirtelNigeria ghosted for hours and I missed some critical meetings.

Mr. Dipo on twitter

Airtel Risks Losing Subscribers

With this being its second major network downtime in a month and two weeks, it appears that Airtel is still having to deal with certain communication equipment repairs or facility maintenance post-#EndSARS.

Recall that the operator had also experienced a service disruption on October 16, days after which it sent out an apology text to subscribers along with free airtime and data bonus, according to Nairametrics.

Should service disruptions continue to occur, there is the associated risk of dissatisfied subscribers opting out of Airtel’s network going forward.

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