Nigerians Outside the U.S Can Now Apply for ClassVisa’s Free Remote Coding Program

Nigerians Outside the U.S. Can Now Apply for ClassVisa's Free Remote Coding Program 2020

Tech talent training platform, Classvisa is currently receiving applications from Nigerian students outside the United States for the first batch of its free remote coding program – Classvisa Open.

As digital technologies continue to proliferate worldwide in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work is fast becoming the norm than the exception. Knowing this, Classvisa has launched its Classvisa Open program to equip individuals for remote work as developers for US companies.

Data from a GlobalWorkplaceAnalytics 2020 report shows that regular remote work among the non-self-employed population has increased by 173% since 2005, 11% faster than the rest of the workforce. In the US alone, remote work has grown by 115% in the past decade.

Launched on November 12, Classvisa Open is a 4-week long online programming course to get started with Web Development basics via live classes by US-based instructors and live practice between students.

Henry Ebomah, CEO Classvisa
Henry Ebomah, CEO Classvisa

In an interview with Technext, YC Startup School alumnus and Classvisa CEO, Henry Ebomah disclosed that the coding program is aimed at creating better education alternatives to student visas for Nigerians looking to work part-time, contract or full-time with tech companies in the United States.

It takes 2 years to get a Master’s degree in Computer science but in the end you do not get as much practical coding as you would at a bootcamp which usually takes 6 to 9 months. A lot of people do not know that you can actually go through a coding bootcamp in the US and then become a remote software developer outside of Nigeria or from your home country.

Henry Ebomah, CEO Classvisa

“Basically, we are saying go through the program, become a remote software developer from your country and get a well-paying job. The average salary of foreign software developers working full-time at US companies is between $20,000 to $30,000 annually,” he added.

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Classvisa Open Offers Free Online Coding Classes

Classvisa Open will offer participants free 100% online programming classes in basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript and GitHub.

Asked if there was a target number of participants, Henry said: “right now we will be selecting a maximum of fifty (50) people for the first batch.”

After registration, candidates who get into the Classvisa Open will have access to the dashboard, community to ask questions and live classes every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday each week during the program. 

On a weekly basis, students will get three (3) hours of live lectures, three (3) hours of live practice and ten (10) hours of engaging assignments.

Also, participants will be taught to build a live website and pass a JavaScript quiz. Classvisa Open is fully remote, hence all that is needed for the program is a laptop and good internet connection.

Henry explained that as a Nigerian himself, the first batch of Classvisa Open is targeted at Nigerians who satisfy the program’s eligibility criteria.


Applicants for Classvisa Open should be Nigerians who are studying, working or residing outside the United States. Other interested African students can also apply.

Classvisa Open is a free 4-week course open to international students and residents, specifically Nigerians.

Henry Ebomah, CEO Classvisa

All applicants must be aged at least 18years, in order to fulfil the minimum age requirements to become remote interns or if older, employable by US companies once they proceed to the Bootcamp with the goal of graduating in 2021.

Individuals with no coding experience can apply, so too can mid-level programmers.

Interested candidates can apply here. Training for the first batch of the Classvisa Open starts on November 23. The next batch is January 4, 2021.

About Classvisa

Co-founded by Henry Ebomah, Temitope Dada (COO) and Oyinda Adefisayo (CPO), “Classvisa Open” was launched in November, this year.

Classvisa COO, Temitope Dada and Chief People Officer, Oyindamola Adefisayo

Students who pass the Open would qualify for coding bootcamp prep. Students who plan to go further into the actual bootcamp will take Javascript evaluation based on what was learnt during the Classvisa Prep and build their own Personal/Portfolio Website.

Temitope Dada, COO Classvisa

While speaking to Technext, YC Startup School alumnus and Classvisa COO, Temitope Dada explained that the Classvisa Bootcamp is primarily a job preparation platform which will give participants advanced programming skills that will stand them out in the marketplace.

The company will provide apprenticeship opportunities which will follow when students graduate from the coding bootcamp program.

The Bootcamp will be administered on a part-time (9 months) basis after working hours in Lagos. This leads to a 3-month paid/unpaid apprenticeship where students get to work with tech startups on real-world projects.

Classvisa CEO Henry Ebomah believes that bootcamps are a cost-effective and timely alternative to a college degree for students to secure employment with top US tech companies.

Google, Amazon, Apple and the top companies in the US do not require a college degree in Computer Science to employ candidates but there is a high propensity for bootcamp graduates to get employed.

Henry Ebomah, CEO Classvisa

“We do not intend to keep taking money from your paycheck forever after you graduate from the coding bootcamp, you only gradually pay off  the balance of tuition fees when you get hired,” he added.

Classvisa is a member of Y-Combinator‘s Startup School of over 20,000 startups and Henry says the community could present several job opportunities for bootcamp students after graduation.

Currently operating from the US, one of Classvisa’s founding members is Lagos-based and the startup plans to open a Nigerian office as soon it gets enough traction.

For more information, visit Classvisa’s official website.

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