All You Need to Know About Using Twitter’s New Fleets Feature

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Global tech giant, Twitter released an interesting “fleets” feature on its microblogging app. The new feature, similar to Instagram’s stories, allows users to share momentary thoughts with followers.

Fleets is the latest feature to be introduced by Twitter after voice tweets were added to the platform earlier this year. Fleets will only be live for 24 hours after which they disappear from view.

Despite worries that launching its Fleet feature would be the death of the platform, users have nonetheless taken to the feature, choosing it above regular tweets. The unprecedented pressure has led to reports of underperformance and slowing down of the Twitter app.

According to Techcrunch, Many Twitter users are reporting Fleets are lagging and moving slowly. Some even say the feature is crashing their Twitter app.

If you’re among those affected, you’ll notice when you’re tapping or swiping to move through Fleets, the screen will either temporarily freeze or move incredibly slowly. This may make it seem like your phone is having problems, but it’s just the Twitter app.


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While this is a problem Twitter needs to fix immediately, it is also a testament to how much and how quickly its users have embraced the app and in a hurry to use it.

So, without further ado, here’s all you need to know about Twitter Fleets.

How to Share a Fleet Message

To share a fleet on Twitter, open the app on your android or iOS device. Scroll up to your profile header and click on the avatar to the left – it shows your profile picture.

You will be redirected to a new page and the message “Share a fleeting thought” will appear. On this page, you can type the message you want to share with your followers.

Tap on the fleet button to post.

You Can Also Share Photos/Videos on Fleets

If you prefer to share an image, gif or a video, follow the same steps to access the page where the “Share a fleeting thought” message is displayed.

Instead of typing a text, click on the media icon. This will load your gallery where you can select the picture or video you want to upload. You can also record a video but you cannot broadcast live.

All fleet videos have a 30-second limit. Tap on your preferred photo/video and click the fleet button to post.

How to “Fleet” a Tweet

To share another user’s tweet on fleets, click on the “Share” icon below the tweet.

Twitter: Here's How to Copy the Link to a Tweet on Mobile, All You Need to Know About Using the New Twitter Fleets Feature

Once you’re done, select “Share in Fleet”. You will be directed to the “Fleet” page where you can type in text or add photos, emojis and videos as a reaction to the tweet. Tap the fleet button to post.

Twitter says stickers are not currently available for fleets but will be introduced in later updates.

While Fleets is Twitter’s vanishing tweets addition to allow users to engage more freely on the platform, some users are calling for an edit button to be introduced.

Users can, however, respond to fleets with messages that will open up in the direct messaging (DM). They can also use the reaction emoji which was recently introduced to the DM.

When the feature was first touted several months ago, many users were disappointed with the development. This disappointment which prompted the #RIPTwitter hashtag was because users felt the platform they loved so much due to its uniqueness was slowly succumbing to pressure to become like other platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

According to a Twitter influencer, “In a world where WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram are hoping to be like Twitter, one would have hoped that Twitter will be secure in its authenticity but what’s this rumour about Twitter planning to rollout Stories? Who cares on Twitter?”

But the good folks over at Twitter would be hoping the negative feeling would eventually wash away as users discover more need for Fleets. Product Lead, Kayvon Beykpour, had said the company simply hopes that “Fleets can help people share the fleeting thoughts that they would have been unlikely to Tweet

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