The Power of Running a Purposeful Business


Purpose is a very important aspect of life and it should be so for every business. But the unfortunate thing is that while so many people don’t discover their purpose, many business owners also forget or don’t even bother to build a purpose-driven business.

But it is important that you go beyond just starting a business to doing much more.

Apart from the fact that this makes the whole hard work of running a business even harder, it also doesn’t as deeply connect you to the people that you serve.

While I know and believe that the general purpose of a business is to make money, there should be a purpose for starting the business in the first place.

Before we get to looking at certain things that can help you run a purposeful business, let’s first get an idea of what purpose is.

I describe purpose as one’s echo into the world. It is like the predestined effect that you are meant to bring into the world. And with that in mind, it means that nobody could ever do it just like you.

If you bring this to business, it means that whatever field you play in, you are meant to bring a distinction that ordinarily wouldn’t have been there if not for you.

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Making money shouldn’t be the sole purpose of business

Look at some of the iconic brands for instance. They have a propose that goes beyond the balance sheet and that is why most times they build cult-like followership of people who will go above and beyond just to be identified with such brands.

Even countries whose leaders have a purpose for themselves and the country itself tend to produce better leadership than those who don’t.

How do you create a purposeful business?

let’s Start with these questions…

Why are you doing this?

What echo are you trying to sound for the world to hear?

Steve Jobs made it clear that Apple’s purpose is to “connect man with technology”. That singular purpose has driven everything about the company and has made it the 2 Trillion Dollar company that it is today.

So beyond the money, the need to not work for anyone or to sack your boss, what else is this all about?

Answer this and to thineself, be true!!

What inspires or drives you and your work?

Inspiration is everywhere and anything can inspire anyone. In the business world, even the tiniest of things such as Logo and colours are inspired. All of these come together to give a good and inspiring story about you and what you are creating for the world.

It is important that you go back and figure out the things that should or inspired you to get into this walk in the first place. And when you do, own it, tell it and sell it.

Why is it important that you create this?

 Who will die if you didn’t start this business?

What will the market place miss if not for your presence?

What will the world miss or have enough of because you started this business?

What errors or societal ills does your business set out to correct?

Knowing all these and more will help you to create a purpose blueprint for your business and put it in a class of its own. Even if we all compete, no 2 businesses can compete on their purposeful contribution in the market place.


Why must it be you and not anyone else?

Just imagine another person creating an Apple, a Facebook, a Microsoft and the likes apart from the people that did?

They might have still been successful but in a different way and reason.

With that in mind, what is the MOJO that makes it all the sweeter that you are the one (and the only one who can) creating the business you currently have?

Think about this.

In conclusion…

Patanjali, The founder of ancient Indian practice of yoga once said, “when you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary projects, all your thoughts break their bonds: your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction and you find yourself in new, great and wonderful world. Dormant forces and talents become alive and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you have dreamed yourself to be”.

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