Zimbabweans Slam TelOne over Poor Internet Connection Despite 200% Hike in Data Tariffs

TelOne Users in Zimbabwe Slam Network Over Poor Internet Connection Despite 200% Hike in Data Tariffs
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TelOne subscribers in Zimbabwe have been complaining for days about the telecom’s poor and erratic network. Many customers said they experienced lengthy downtimes in which they could not browse the internet due to extremely slow internet speeds.

Other users mentioned that they were unable to download media across social media platforms including WhatsApp and Youtube. Subscribers have said they had to forfeit their unused data which the ISP failed to roll over.

Many users are enraged especially because the telco fully implemented up to 200% hike in voice, SMS and data tariffs earlier this month.

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As a local Internet Access Provider, TelOne possesses over 25% of Zimbabwe’s market share. It is quite surprising that TelOne users are already complaining about poor internet service just two months after the telco launched a Network Operations Centre as part of its National Broadband Project.

The US$850,000 centre was established in July to bring about a “significant reduction in internet service disruptions.”

TelOne Users Bemoan Slow Internet Connection

TelOne users have condemned the telco’s terrible internet connection for the past few days. Some expressed their disappointment at the network’s very slow internet speed.

A user, Tinamate Midzi stated via twitter that he paid US$107 for his subscription but still couldn’t watch Netflix. Another user, Chris Dhinembira corroborated Tinamate’s statement.

Chris mentioned that sometimes he is unable to even join a zoom meeting using the network.

Zimbabweans Slam TelOne over Poor Internet Connection Despite 200% Hike in Data Tariffs

Two other twitter users, Mariah and The Don expressed their dissatisfaction with TelOne’s slow internet connection. Mariah spoke out about not getting the good internet service she expected for the amount she was paying. The Don shared a screenshot showing the internet speed at a very slow 72kbps.

These reactions are perhaps expected given the fact that customers are experiencing slow internet connection despite paying up to 200% more in voice, SMS and data tariffs. For instance, TelOne’s Home Basic 10GB package which cost about US$4 in October last year now costs $US12.

Subscribers Ask for Roll Over of Unused Data

Some subscribers have demanded that TelOne rolls over the data they were unable to use due to the bad internet service. A customer, Tinashe said his data bundles expired after the network had downtime for almost a whole day.

According to Tashi, he forfeited 20gb data as a result of the poor internet.

Another user, Takunda mentioned that he lost 400gb due to the telco’s slow internet. He also requested for a rollover.

If TelOne’s reply to Tinashe is anything to go by, subscribers’ unused data may not be rolled over. The company only stated that it is experiencing technical issues which were being resolved. It did not address the issue of unused data.

TelOne May Lose Subscribers

This is not the first time that TelOne has experienced lengthy network downtimes. The telco experienced similar technical issues late last year.

Although the ISP has tried to calm customers in the midst of the current poor internet situation, some subscribers are already patronising alternative service providers such as Econet. There is the possibility that such users may not opt back into the network.

Judging by the various reactions of TelOne subscribers to its poor internet connection issues which have lasted for days, the telco may have to brace up for a loss of subscribers in the coming weeks. And this is not good for a network that has only a quarter of the market.

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