Bus-Hailing Platform PlentyWaka Set to Expand Operation into Abuja

Bus-hailing platform, PlentyWaka has announced that it is ready to expand its operation into Abuja. The news was shared on the startup’s twitter handle.

According to the Co-founder, Onyeka Akumah, PlentyWaka has started inspecting buses and pilots on Thursday, July 30.

The startup’s expansion comes 5 months after it hit a milestone of completing 100,000 rides in its base market Lagos.

Over 145,000 rides completed

A branch of EMFATO, the holding company of agritech startup, Farmcrowdy and Crowdyvest, PlentyWaka is a bus hailing platform which allows users to schedule their rides from their preferred locations.

The platform launched in September 2019 promising users assurance of safety, comfort and convenience while transporting them to their destination.

Bus-Hailing Platform, PlentyWaka Ready to Expand Operation into Abuja
PlentyWaka’s Fleet of Buses

In Lagos, PlentyWaka is mainly active on the Island plying the CMS to Ajah, CMS to Abraham Adesanya, Awoyaya and Eko Hotels routes. According to the startup’s website, the company has completed over 145,575 rides and has a total of 40,758 users.

Expansion plans

At its launch, PlentyWaka had just 25 buses, 25 pilots, 50 Vehicle assistants, and less than 10 staff. Since then, the startup has grown to have more than 53 vehicles, 53 pilots and over 55 vehicle assistants.

The platform has also grown its infrastructure through its Vehicle Partnership Scheme which allows Nigerians who wish to partner with the ride-hailing company to do so with their vehicles.

Bus-Hailing Platform, PlentyWaka Ready to Expand Operation into Abuja
PlentyWaka Vehicle assistant scans the QR code

Until recently, PlentyWaka partnered with Cars45 to provide vehicles for Nigerians who wish to invest in PlentyWaka’s business.

With its latest plan to expand into Abuja, the startup is poised to multiply its customer base. Some users of Plentywaka have started showing enthusiasm towards the impending launch.

Although the startup hasn’t revealed the routes it will ply, commuters in Abuja will soon have a new convenient means of moving around. Also, the huge bus market in the federal capital will be welcoming a new competitor.

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