Nigeria’s Broadband Penetration Now Stands at 40.14% With 76,618,992 Users

NCC Mandates telecommunications companies to monitor calls and messages of citizens
NCC Mandates telecommunications companies to monitor calls and messages of citizens

Nigeria’s broadband penetration rate now stands at 40.14%. According to the industry statistics released by the Nigerian Communications Commission for the month of May 2020, broadband penetration increased from 39.58% to 40.14% while the number of broadband subscriptions increased to 76,618,992.

Just that you know, NCC has a target of 65% broadband penetration by 2024. Speaking on the importance of increased penetration in the country, Danbatta noted that by 2022, 60% of the world’s economy will be digitized.

By 2030, almost 85 per cent of the world economy is going to be digital. Nigeria needs to develop its capacity to meet that demand.

How the network subscribers fared…

The industry numbers released indicated a mild porting activity within the month of May.

Of this lot, 9mobile was the largest gainer. Although, it lost 1,476 subscribers, gained 6,304 subscribers from other networks. This gives the telco a net port-gain of 4,828 subscribers.

Globacomm gained 284 subscribers from other networks while it lost 3,287 subscribers to other networks. This amounts to a total net loss of 3,008 subscribers.

Airtel gained 3,524 subscribers and lost 5,564 subscribers. That amounts to a net loss of 2,040 subscribers.

MTN lost 1,310 subscribers to other network providers and gained 1,756 subscribers. In total, the telco gained a total of 446 subscribers.

As of May, the number of telephony subscribers in the country is pegged at 192,267,890.

Internet subscribers…

The total number of internet subscribers rose to 140,761,851 in May.

9mobile currently has 6.37% of the telephony subscribers in Nigeria. This is a decline from the 6.6% share it held in April.

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MTN gained the most subscribers in May with 1,344,216 new subscribers. As it stands, the total number of MTN’s subscribers is 76,017,864. This amounts to 39.61% of the country’s total subscribers.

Glo gained 218,964 new subscribers, bringing its total number of subscribers to 52,057,254. Glo now has a total of 27.12% share of the total GSM subscribers.

Airtel gained 237,874 new subscribers, bringing its total number of subscribers to 51,496,256. The telco’s rate of gaining new subscribers has declined since March when it gained 810,779 new subscribers. It lost 40,496 subscribers in April. Airtel has 26.83% of all the GSM subscribers in the country.

Visafone’s number of internet subscribers did not increase from the 88,818 that it recorded since February.

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