These Tech Initiatives Could Suffer In the Wake Of The Political Unrest In Edo State

These Tech Initiatives Could Suffer In the Wake Of The Political Unrest In Edo State
These Tech Initiatives Could Suffer In the Wake Of The Political Unrest In Edo State

Edo State, under the governance of Godwin Obaseki, has seen more tech-inclined projects than many states across the federation. The incumbent administration placed some considerable focus on entrepreneurship and technology in the State.

Following the unfolding political unrest which threatens the likelihood of the Governor, Godwin Obaseki being reelected for a second term in office, we chronicle some of these initiatives that may meet an early death in the wake of the activities that unfurl in the following months in Edo and in the hands of whosoever may head the government after him.

Let us get to business. Shall we?


This is an initiative that was launched with educators in mind. Through it, teachers in the state were supported by digital content. The program empowered the teachers to use data and technology to drive increased learning outcomes.

One of what the EdoBest initiative entails is the harnessing of data that is useful in making constructive plans for the educational sector.

 EdoBest initiative entails is the harnessing of data
The launch of EdoBest by Governor Obaseki… Source: The Sun News Online

Part of the robust tech initiative also involves building institutional capacity to use the data gathered, this is done by training teachers.

The training helps them to effectively manage teaching and learning using the classroom data collected in real-time. The focus of the initiative is to use technology to drive efficient quality assurance systems and to build the framework to support teaching and learning.

Edo Innovates Hub

This is a tech hub that was launched on June 14, 2018, to prioritize the adoption of ICT, and support local businesses in the state. The hub is a partnership between Edo State, Siemens, Microsoft and

The hub is a cluster for technology inventors, and entrepreneurs situated in Benin-City.

Edo Innovates Hub

The hub provides founders and startups access to workspaces and infrastructure, Teaching and Learning, Early-stage investment capital, Investor and Peer networks. Innovation programs and training that lead to employment and entrepreneurship opportunities in the State are organized by the hub.

It is a sublet of EdoJobs, the parent initiative created to help youths find jobs in the state.

Edo Bits

This tech initiative is targeted at residents of Edo State who are less-privileged, are within the age range of 16 and 22, and have completed secondary school education.

The curriculum for Edo Bits is designed to teach the trainees graphic design skills, web design, web development, Python and R programming languages among others.

Edo Bits

Its goal is to equip the youths with skills that make them employable, thus reducing the rate of unemployment and the occurrence of unsavoury activities in the State.

All the skills are grouped into 3 categories, web design; web development; and graphic design.

Edo Startup Fund

While not exactly focused on tech, the startup fund has been set up to cater to startups in the state.

Beyond the #500,000 funding provided, the founders are equipped with business knowledge on creating models, best business practices and creating a solid elevator pitch. The startups are linked with potential investors and networking opportunities.

Edo startup fund

In 2019, 20 tech startups each got the fund after a 2 weeks incubation process. The provision of the fund is to encourage youths with innovative business ideas to access funding to grow their businesses and boost the State’s economy.

In sum

The tech initiatives have all just started nurturing the different sectors of Edo State however, continuity of each initiative is key.

The long-term effects of each initiative on the State will depend on whether it succeeds in each administration or is washed away along with the footprints of the outgoing Governor.

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