Vera Uwa, Cynthia Morgan, Eid Mubarak and Others Top List of Most Searched Topics by Nigerians on Google in the Month of May

Uwa Omozuwa, Eid Mubarak And The Other Topics Nigerians Were Most Interested In For The Month Of May
Uwa Omozuwa, Eid Mubarak And The Other Topics Nigerians Were Most Interested In For The Month Of May

May was a month of many happenings and expectations. Since Google is the number one place that comes to mind when people have questions, we have curated the topics that caught the most attention and drew the most searches in May.

#1 Eid Mubarak (50K plus searches)

After the 30 days Ramadan fast, Muslims celebrated Eid Fitr, which is translated as the festival of breaking the fast. Eid Mubarak is a greeting which means Blessed Feast/Festival, and people flocked online to know what was happening concerning the festival.

#2 Cynthia Morgan (50K plus searches)

For Cynthia Morgan, May will be remembered as the month when people commiserated with her on the downturn of her musical career.

The female singer explained in a live Instagram chat how being under the North Side Music label, took the shine away from her career.

#3 Burnaboy (20K plus searches)

The Nigerian singer was the object of many search queries on Google, after Pulse reported that he was arrested for disturbing the neighbourhood with noises.

Although the report was unconfirmed, a video was circulated allegedly showing the police arresting Burnaboy. The video also captured someone noting that football player, Odion Ighalo also resided in the neighbourhood and did not constitute a nuisance to people.

#4 Duduke (20K plus searches)

Duduke is Simi’s first single this year, and it is in honor of her unborn baby. The music video crossed 2 million views on YouTube within the first 3 weeks it was uploaded.

#5 Mother’s day, Father’s day, Children’s day (100K, 10K, 5K searches respectively)

An impartial month, mothers, fathers, and children were celebrated on different days all within the month of May. There was curiosity as to how each category was being celebrated by people from across the world.

#6 Uwa (20k plus searches)

Vera Uwaila Omozuwa was a student of the University of Benin who was raped and later battered while studying in one of the RCCG parishes in the city. She later died due to complications from the assault. Her story has sparked public protests on social media with trending hashtags.

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A mix of pleasant and unpleasant happenings, May was an eventful month in Nigeria.

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