Wedding Registry Could Help Couples Get the Exact Gifts They Want For Their Wedding Day


People love throwing parties, especially for weddings and other owambes. It is not uncommon to see people gaily dressed on weekends, and heading for a celebration with gifts in the trunk of the car. To ensure people can seamlessly give and receive gifts at wedding parties, Two Nigerians launched a tech platform called Wedding Registry.

The concept for the online platform was developed by the founders, Prince Uwendi and Daisy Okwa. I used the web app to see how Wedding registry works and know what can be done with it.

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Using the Platform

I registered as a new user on the app and created a registry. To set up the registry, I selected the ‘create registry’ option and filled in details of the bride, groom, wedding hashtag, location, and wedding date.

After the registry was created, I proceeded to add gift items as I liked to the registry. The categories to choose from include appliances, tools and gadgets, bed and bath, drinkware, and cookware.

By selecting a category, a list of items available with pictures are displayed along with their prices. I selected from random categories and added the quantity of each item that I wanted.

On the part of the user, to see a couple’s registry, you have to search with the wedding hashtag in the search field named Find A Couple. If the hashtag exists, the couple’s registry is displayed and the gifts they want to receive will be listed.

If you want to check out the registry I created for the hypothetical couple Daniel and Marianne, you can search using the keyword DaniMarie.

The user can then select whichever is affordable, enter the address of the couple or any other that is preferred, and pay for the gifts. The items will be delivered to the address specified.

On the operational part, the web app is easy to navigate and has quite a number of gift items that would interest a new couple. Even though there is an option to give cash as gift, it is not accepted on the platform.

While adding items to the registry I created, I noticed that some of the items were wrongly labelled. A pot set that was supposed to be labelled Maitre D’ Copper Roasting Pan was named Mature D’ Copper Roasting Pan. Labelling errors could be a turn-off for people who would not want such blunders associated with their events.

Wedding Registry Could Help Celebrants Get the Exact Gifts They Want For Their Wedding Day

The dashboard also does not allow the couple to upload their pictures for recognition alongside their names, and does not allow the couple to customize the wedding announcement displayed. Considering that the platform is designed to be a Jumia for weddings, it is passable that personal touches are minimal.

If you are looking to make sure your gifts really matter to the couple you intend it for, then buying from a list curated by the couple is a sure way to achieve that. Wedding registry helps you do that, and have it delivered to the location that works best for you.

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