Breaking: Nigeria’s Recovery Rate Hits All-Time High of 27% as NCDC Reports 226 New Coronavirus Cases

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has reported 226 new coronavirus cases to bring the total number of confirmed cases in the country to 6,401.

As always, Lagos recorded the most number of cases with 131, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the state to 2,755. This means 43% of cases in the country are in Lagos alone.

Ogun with 25 new cases was second on the daily update as the confirmed total in that state rose to 178. Plateau is third on the daily log with 15 new cases while Edo got its highest daily tally with 11 new cases to finish the day with 119 total cases.

Kano and Katsina were conspicuously missing on the daily log although they both maintained their second and fourth spots on the general table.

By regions, of the 15 states and FCT featured in today’s update, the Northeast has the most representation with 4 states (Adamawa, Borno, Bauchi and Gombe). The Southwest is next with 3 states (Lagos, Ogun and Oyo).

The Northcentral has two states in representation (Plateau and Nasarawa) as did the Southsouth (Edo and Bayelsa), the Northwest (Kaduna and Jigawa) as well as the Southeast (Ebonyi and Enugu).

Both Cross River and Kogi continue to hold out without a single confirmed case.

Testing, recoveries, deaths and active cases

Nigeria approached something close to its highest number of testing per day (1,696) as the NCDC recorded 1,554 tests in the day in review. This is an improvement from 1,475 recorded the day before and brings the total number of tests carried out in the country to 36,899.

The NCDC recorded 90 new recoveries, which is an improvement from 60 documented the day before. There are currently a total of 1,734 discharged cases which means recovery rate rises to its highest of 27%, just 24 hours after suffering its first slump in 6 days.

Breaking: Nigeria's Recovery Rate Hits All-Time High of 27% as NCDC Reports 226 New Coronavirus Cases

The country got just 1 new death within the last 24 hours. This is a great improvement from 9 deaths recorded the day before and brings the total deaths in the country to 192. This means a mortality rate of 2.9%, an improvement from the 3% it had remained in for the previous 2 days.

Total number of active cases in the country is currently 4,475, rising from 4,340 in the previous day. This means 69.9% of cases in the country are yet to be resolved.

Africa and the world

On the continental scene, South Africa continues to beat a relentless path with 767 new cases, bringing its total to 17,200. Egypt recorded a whopping 720 new cases to finish the day with 13,484 total confirmed cases. Algeria is 3rd with a total of 7,377 after getting 176 new cases.

Morocco is 4th with 7,023 total cases while Nigeria is currently 5th on the African log.

Egypt has the highest number of coronavirus deaths in Africa with 659. Algeria has the second highest with 561 while South Africa is next with a total of 312 Covid-19 deaths.

The USA continues to dominate the global log with 1,570,583, representing 31.4% of the total cases in the world. There are 361,180 recoveries and 93,533 deaths.

Globally, there are 4,985,982 confirmed coronavirus cases. 1,958,450 have recovered while there are 324,890 deaths. Global recovery rate is currently 39.2% while the mortality rate is 6.5%.

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