Breaking: Death Toll Rises as Nigeria Surpasses 6,000 Covid-19 Cases 4 Days After Crossing 5,000


Nigeria has finally crossed the 6,000 case mark as the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) recorded 216 new cases in the country (May 18, 2020). This brings the total number of confirmed cases in the country to 6,175.

It was just 4 days ago (May, 4) that the country crossed 5,000 total confirmed cases.

Lagos continued to be dominant on the log with 74 new cases. This is more than 100 cases short of 177 recorded the day before and brings its total to 2,624 representing 42.4% of total cases in the country.

Katsina recorded the second-highest with 33 new cases bringing its total figure to 281 while Oyo is third on the daily log with 19 new cases, bringing its total to 137. Kano, however, remained second on the log with 842 total cases after getting 17 new cases.

By region, the Northwest has the most representation of states on the daily update with 4 states (Katsina, Kano, Zamfara and Kaduna). The Southwest (Lagos, Oyo, Ogun) and Northeast (Gombe, Borno and Bauchi) both got 3 states each.

The Southsouth was represented by 2 states (Edo and Rivers) while both the Northcentral (Kwara) and the Southeast (Enugu) both had one state in representation each.

Testing, recoveries, deaths and active cases

After slipping to below 1,000 tests on the day before (928), Nigeria returned back to normal with 1,475 tests. While this is relatively quite a lot, it still isn’t up to the highest daily recorded test of 1,696 (May, 6).

The total number of tests in the country is currently 35,345.

Nigeria gets less than 60 new recoveries for the first time since May 12 as the NCDC reports 50 new recoveries within the last 24 hours. This brings the total number of discharged cases to 1,644, as recovery rate falls slightly from 26.7% to 26.6%, its first reduction since May 12.

Breaking: Death Toll Rises as Nigeria Surpasses 6,000 Covid-19 Cases

Nigeria recorded 9 new deaths in the last day, its highest daily tally since it recorded 10 deaths on May 8. This brings the total number of deaths in the country to 191 as mortality rate remains stagnant at 3% for the second consecutive day.

The total number of active cases in the country is currently 4,340. This means 70.2% of cases in the country are yet unresolved.

Africa and the world

South Africa remains relentless on the African scene with 918 new Covid-19 cases to bring its total number to 16,433. Egypt comes a distant second with 535 new cases to finish the day with 12,764.

Algeria hasn’t slowed down since overtaking Morocco in third spot as it recorded 182 new cases to finish with 7,201 total cases. Morocco in fourth has 6,952 cases while Nigeria is currently fifth after recently overtaking Ghana.

The USA continues to lead the world with 22,630 new cases. This is more than 19,803 recorded the day before and brings the total number to 1,550,294. Total recoveries are 356,383 while total deaths are 91,981.

Globally, there are 4,890,680 total confirmed cases of Covid-19. Total recoveries are 1,907,361 representing a recovery rate of 39%. while the number of deaths is currently 320,125 representing a mortality rate of 6.5%.

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