Netflix Party, TwoSeven and Other Apps that Enable Users Watch Movies with Friends While Cinemas are Closed


The coronavirus pandemic has stolen the simple pleasure of enjoying movies in the cinema with friends. Although many have tried to make the best of it by watching movies at home, the endless drone of days makes it lonely and difficult without the joy of having the clique around.

However, there are a number of apps, extensions and services that allow you to enjoy your favourite online content like Netflix and YouTube with friends, no matter where you are.

So whether it is a movie night, binging on movie series or following a TV drama, these apps can help you make this best of this period by giving you the platform to enjoy movies online with friends.

Netflix Party

Watching your favourite Netflix series with friends online is possible even when they are in different places. The Netflix Party extension on Chrome allows you to sync upstreams with friends. It also has a live chat section for real-time interactions.

The extension is pretty easy to use as it just requires you to install the extension, navigate to Netflix and select a movie to watch. Also, only one person needs to have the extension installed and other people would be able to join in. And it doesn’t matter if everyone else doesn’t have a Netflix subscription.


Scener lets you connect with your friends while watching Netflix. The app has a live chat function that allows you to share thoughts while watching a movie together. The chat function has the ability to add 10 people simultaneous. It also has the ability to keep up to 20 friends synced to the same movie.

The chrome extension for Scener is easy to get and the interface is very simple and easy to use. Your friends who are already on the platform can easily input their names in the search bar and ‘Add Friend’ button.

The app also has a virtual remote control that can be passed between friends watching a movie together online. Anyone with the remote will be able to pause or play the movie.


Similar to Netflix Party, Watch2gether lets you watch movies together with online friends in real-time. The cool part about the app is that you can start using it in seconds as it doesn’t have any registration process. However, you need a nickname to activate the app.

To set up the movie fiesta using Watch2gether, simply select “Create a Room” on the website, enter a temporary nickname, and it will develop a video room where you can start adding friends and enjoying long movie sessions with them. It also has a chat room and video calls to dialogue with friends while streaming videos together on the app.

Apart from Netflix, the app also provides access to video-rich sources like
YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, as well as audio from SoundCloud.


TwoSeven is one of the best video tools for watching movies together online with your friends. The platform shows not only Netflix Videos, it can also share videos from YouTube, HBO Now, Vimeo, and Amazon Prime Video.

Designed for simplicity, the app cuts out search time by adding frequent participants in the ‘Friends’ section. This will make it easy for you to connect with familiar participants. Also, the app has built-in text and video capabilities to make every movie share a treasured experience,

Netflix Party, TwoSeven and Other Apps that Enable You Watch Movies with Friends

However, the premium subscription fees which comes with videos from Disney Plus and Hulu usually costs between $5 and $20. However, the premium price has dropped to $3 per month due to coronavirus lockdown.


MyCircleTV provides a whole new voice chat experience while watching movies with friends online. Once registered the platform allows you to watch free videos online with your friends.

The best part about the app is that you can invite friends from different platforms including Facebook, Email, Linkedin, and Twitter.

It’s been more than a month now since the cinemas closed down. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t hang out with your friends. The above tools will help you stay connected with your pals while having fun watching movies.

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