New Startup, Druve Will Help You Earn Money from Sharing Contents on Your WhatsApp Status


According to statistics, Whatsapp now has 2 billion users in more than 180 countries around the world. Statistics also reveal that over half a billion people use Whatsapp status daily to share videos, photos and text that disappear after 24 hours.

This presents a golden opportunity for many users to market their services on the platform.

Beyond sharing and selling, a new tech startup, Druve Technologies Ltd is introducing an innovative way for Whatsapp users to earn some wages from using their Whatsapp status.

Druve was launched by 3 partners; Yusuf Ojonoka (COO), Michael John (CEO), and Samuel Steven (CTO).

Yusuf told Technext that Druve was born out of genuine frustration and dissatisfaction with the available digital marketing platforms.

“I was not getting value for the money I spent on advertisements and there did not seem to be a better alternative available. After detailed research, we came up with Druve to provide a solution that gave people better results for their money’s worth.”

How Druve works

Druve currently caters to 2 categories of people. The first category is people who want their businesses, products and services to be seen and interacted with by a large audience at an affordable rate.

The second category is those who want to earn by posting content about businesses on their WhatsApp status.

For either category, using Druve starts with downloading and installing the app from Playstore. After setting up your account, you are ready to do business.

People interested in promoting their businesses can create ads through the Druve app and fund the ad. As soon as the ads are live, they can keep up with its progress through the app and get reports as well.

How to earn on Druve

After you have created your account on the app, you will be notified as soon as ads are available to be promoted in your location.

You earn for every ad you post to your WhatsApp status from the Druve app as long as you get at least 42 views on each status. The payment is made to your registered bank account based on view grade. All ads on Druve come as an image and a link. You will be paid for posting the link and the image.

If you post the link and the image for one ad and you get at least 42 views, you earn N100 for each. That totals N200 per advert. That applies to all earning categories.

To earn more, what you do is click the upgrade button on your profile page on the Druve app. This adds the user to the premium category which is for people who have over 1000 views on their whatsApp status.

Before a payment is made for an ad, you take the screenshots of the ads that was posted on your status and make sure the views are also included. The screenshot is what you upload on the app for verification and payment.

So far…

So far, adverts on the Druve platform have achieved click-through rates between 2-15%. That is about 300% more effective than other known digital marketing platforms.

It’s been a new experience for everyone, and we have a lot more people signing up daily to earn. Our client base is growing daily as well. Some of the companies we have worked with include Opay. We have run ads for Opay in 2 different states in Nigeria. As at the time of this interview, we have run ads in 9 different states and we have people signed up from every state in Nigeria.


“Our goal is that in 5 years time, we will be pan-African and serving at least a million Druvers across Africa. Right now, our major competitors are advert resellers and physical billboard owners”, he concludes.

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