Jumia Foods vs OFoods: All You Need to Know Before Ordering Your Meals


Food is one of those things all humans have in common. Everyone likes one type of food or the other but it’s not every time we are chanced to cook what we want to eat.

This is where restaurants come to the rescue.

Restaurants provide a wide variety of foods for you to select from. However, it’s not every time you will be free to visit a restaurant, you can be stuck at work with the restaurant being across town or be too stressed to go out for dinner.

Online food delivery companies like Jumia Food and OFood provides a convenient platform that allows you to order food from a wide array of restaurants from your mobile and it gets delivered to your doorsteps.

While both delivery platforms are both widely used in Nigeria, there are some peculiarities and distinctions between them.

This post will try to shed light on each delivery platform so that you can decide which one works best for you.

Jumia Foods

Jumia food is an online food delivery service that allows you to order meals from a wide selection of menus on various restaurants and deliver it right at your doorstep.

The Jumia app has over 1 million downloads on Play store. it has an approval rating of 3.5 stars from about 13, 000 reviews. The ratio of good to bad reviews on the Play store was approximately 50:50 as the number of good reviews is about the same as the bad reviews.

One reviewer, Angela commended the app for being fast, great and convenient. Another reviewer, David complained about the bad working experience of the app in his location.

David wasn’t alone as Elizabeth, also expressed dissatisfaction on the list of restaurants provided for her locations.

Jumia Foods is available on Android, Windows and iOS. It is currently available in four Nigerian states including Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt and Ibadan


OFood is an online food delivery service on the OPay super app that provides a selection of restaurants for you to order food from and delivers it to your doorstep.

The OPay app that has the OFood feature has over 1 million downloads on Play Store. It has an approval rating of 4.2 stars from about 75, 000 reviews. However, the OFood Merchants app that OFood vendors use had about 10, 000 downloads and a 3.4-star rating from 65reviews.

One reviewer of the OPay app, Emmanuel described the app has a nice app which simplifies the ease of doing things. Another reviewer, Gabby lauded the app for having everything, he, however, complained about the frequent update request. Gabby was not alone has another reviewer, Tola also complained of having problems signing in after updating the app.

OPay in reply apologized for the inconvenience caused by the update and prompted the interviewer to reach out to their support services. The OPay app is available on both Andriod and iOS. However, the OFood feature appears to be unavailable for iOS users. OFood services are only available in Lagos.

Note: The reviews above are for OPay which contains several services including OFood and not a direct review of OFood services.

Food menu

Both platforms offer a different selection of restaurants with a wide menu to choose from. Jumia Food, for instance, offers several selections of sophisticated and popular restaurants like KFC, Chicken republic and Cold Stone Creamery to choose from.

Restaurant option on Jumia Food

However, it only shows the restaurants available within 90 mins delivery time of your location. The minimum amount of food that can be ordered on the app is N800. However, with Value Added Tax and delivery, the total fees can reach up to N1000.

The Jumia food app shows the star rating of restaurants to help you choose. it has sorting options like budget, and quick filters like vegetarian options to help you shortlist the type of restaurant you are looking for.

The global market for food delivery stands at 83 billion Euros, about 4% of food sold through restaurants and fast-food companies.

OFood has a similar but more affordable selection of restaurants. OFood has incorporated over 200 restaurants most of which are local and neighbourhood restaurants unlike Jumia Food high-end selection of restaurants.

OFoods provides meals for as low as N200, although it has meal options that can cost up to N1, 500. OFood also shows start ratings to help with your selection.

OFood has over 200 local restaurants

Its has sorting options like smart ordering nearest, and highest scores to help you streamline the types of restaurants you are looking for from the large list available.

However, OFood only shows the list of restaurants that are within 5 kilometres of your location.

Other Services

Apart from offering restaurants to order food from the platforms especially Jumia Foods has a few other services they offer.

The Jumia Food app has vendor subsidiary named Supermarket but the offering seems mostly empty in most locations, Party which mostly shows Jumia party where you can purchase all kinds of drinks, Pharmacy where you can order for different types of drugs and shopping which highlights flowers, makeup and electronics vendors in your location.

OFood on the other shows has a list category that shows fast food outlets, branded food companies and snacks. However, these categories are scanty in most locations.

Discount offers

Both platforms offer one form of discount or the other when ordering foods from them. Jumai Food offers 3% cashback when paying for orders with JumiaPay.

OFood on the other hand discounts you N100 when you spend above 500 on the platform. It also provides N200 discount on the first three meals ordered on the app per day for a selected group of meals.

Delivery Services

Both Jumia Food and OFood allow you to save multiple addresses on the platform. so you can save your home, place of work and best friend place on the app with ease.

Jumia Food offers free delivery services to Jumia prime subscribers

However, the delivery fee on Jumia Food can cost between N150 and N1000. The delivery time takes between 40-90 minutes but there are cases where people complained that the food arrived after 2 hours.

The delivery is done using Jumia delivery bikes. However, Jumia food offers free shipping on all orders once you subscribe to Jumia Prime for N1800 per month. Jumia Foods sometimes offer subscription discounts at N1, 333.

For OFood delivery cost range from N0 to about N500. However, delivery is mostly done by Merchants and not in specialized delivery bikes. This means that your food may be delivered either using a car, bike, bicycle or by foot depending on the merchant.

OFood deliveries are mostly free

The delivery time is mostly less than 30 minutes but there are instances where people have complained of waiting between 1 to 2 hours to get their meals.

However, the app provides the numbers of merchants so that you can communicate to know the time of delivery. Similarly, the app also shows the distance between your location and each restaurant listed on the app, so you can approximate the time of delivery or choose closer restaurants when ordering.

Customer services

After completion of an order, both platform generally requests for star ratings on the food delivered by the restaurant.

Jumia Food, however, has a feature that lets you recommend vendor if your favourite restaurant is not listed on their platform.

Payment options

Payment options to pay for food on both platforms vary. OFood only allows payment through OPay. So if you want to use the OFood app you must first credit your OPay account either through bank transfer or use of ATM card then use it to pay in the OPay wallet to pay for your food.

Payment methods on Jumia Foods

However, Jumia Foods provides several options of payment like ATM Card and bank transfer using Jumia Pay, Cash on delivering and debit on delivery.

In conclusion

The business of delivering restaurants meals is slowly gaining ground in Nigeria as online platforms like Jumia and OPay are racing to capture their stake of the market

Whichever platform you decide to choose ultimately depends on your needs and how they match with the offerings of both platforms.

Jumia Foods s made an offering that better suits the high-income class while OFood has created an alternative that is more affordable for the middle and low-income class.

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