Here 16 Signs That You Were Designed to be Your Own Boss

12 Things You Must Pay Attention to When its Time to be Your Own Boss

Yes, we all need signs especially when we are about to go a route that is as unsure as entrepreneurship. And it doesn’t have to be anything absolute, but something to help your evaluation and decision-making process.

In this article, I hope to provide you with some clues that will enable you to get started faster or just hold on to what you already have, be it a job or a business.

1. You are Highly independent-minded

Do you love to be free as a bird and call the shots especially when it comes to the things that are important to you?

Then you are likely better off running your own business where you will have the liberty to influence decisions as you desire instead of being constrained by dogmas.

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2. You are likely to be Opinionated.

Are you in love with your own ideas and love your voice to be heard most of the time?

Then you should consider starting something of your own that will help you express yourself more freely and prove some of your opinions are either right or wrong.

3. You love what you do and want to have liberty doing it

If you are the kind of person that loves what he does and would also prefer more liberty to experiment on many other ways to get the same thing done, then you are likely an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs love to create the rules that guide how they do what they have chosen to do in an environment that they are in total control of.

If this inspires you, why not get started on your own.

4 You have an idea that you feel isn’t best served by others

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Do you have an idea in your head that looks unique and though others are working on something similar, you still feel the urge to make it better or bring a brighter twist to it?

Then starting your own thing might be the best way to make this possible. Your unique contribution might be all that is needed for a new industry or product to be born.

5 You have a desire to leave a dent in the world.

Every entrepreneur is driven by the desire to do something phenomenal that will help him leave a dent on this earth. This is the major driver of great ventures and venturers.

If you fall into the category of people who don’t just want to live but also want to create some kind of solutions or ideas that will outlive them, then you are most likely best suited to run your own business as this is one of the easiest ways to achieve that objective.

6. You love to do a good job without interference

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The thing about working for someone else or being an employee is that someone else will always oversee your activities and projects and for you to make progress with what you create, your supervisor or owner of the company just like it.

 So if you would love to bring out your best ideas and try them out on your terms, then you might be better off working for yourself.

7. The thought of being broke doesn’t scare you that much

If you can deal with the uncertainty that goes with not having money and not being that bothered about it, then you can be better suited to experiment entrepreneurship because that is a common fear that has kept a great number of people glued to a job that they hate.

8 You love working long and hard on things that you enjoy.

This could be another strong indicator especially when you want to do this on your terms and have the privilege of relishing your results when things go right and learning from your failures when things don’t go as planned.

If this is you, then take a test with running your own thing. You might just become the best at it.

9. You enjoy the challenge of trying new things

Entrepreneurs enjoy the thrill of going to the unknown to know what can be found in such a place.

So if you get this urgent and regular spark of shaking up things a bit to know what could happen, then you are likely to fit for entrepreneurship.

If you also enjoy improving things that are already working, then such risk is better taken with you in full control of the process and outcome.

10. You love seeing things to a conclusive ending

If you like to start something and see it to a conclusive end instead of passing it over to someone else who might not be as competent, then entrepreneurship could be a good fit for you to start and finish the things that you love.

11. You have a quick and active mind that is always creating new scenarios and possibilities

Those who do well as entrepreneurs have a very sharp and creative mind that think out solutions that existed and work tirelessly to bring them to reality.

If your mind works this way, why not try creating things of your own?

12. You love to take risks and can do scary things if that will help you make progress

Are the kind of person that can do whatever it takes to achieve any goal that you set for yourself?

If that has been you, then you can as well do well as an entrepreneur because scary and risky things are their bread and butter.

13.  You love to be competitive

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Then you can as well take that into the field of entrepreneurship and give others a run for their time and money.

14. You hate to be told what to do

If you feel that you are smart enough to know what to do and do it most of the time, then you can be a good fit to start and run your own venture creating solutions just as you like it to be.

15 You have experimented with a lot of money making ideas while growing up.

You sold stuff as a kid or convinced your friends to part with cash? Then you can reactivate this superpower by starting your own business.

15. You have failed at many things

It could be a business, marriage, school etc.

This could mean that you have built the ability to know what won’t work and those that will.

If your failures can be effectively harnessed, you can become a smart entrepreneur.

16. You so believe in yourself that you are mistaken to be arrogant

Do people call you proud and arrogant just because you talk highly of yourself and ideas? Then you could have the tough skin and self-confidence that is necessary to navigate the murky waters of owning and running your own business.

How of many of these points speak to you? Maybe a lot but still scared?

Then what if you try and things turn out well in your favour?

If you are still afraid, what is the worst thing that could happen?

Answering those two questions sincerely has always helped me to make better decisions with my own life. I hope it helps you too.

To your #Moneysense.

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