GIG Logistics is Redefining Delivery in Major Nigerian Cities with its GIGgo App Amidst the COVID19 Lockdown

GIG Logistics Offers Delivery Service in 4 Major Nigerian Cities Amidst Using the GIGgo App
GIG Logistics Offers Delivery Service in 4 Major Nigerian Cities Amidst Using the GIGgo App

In the face of a growing Pandemic threat, Nigeria’s foremost logistics company, GIG Logistics (GIGL) has announced that it will be leveraging its mobile app, GIGGo to offer delivery services to business owners in four major cities in Nigeria.

According to the company, this is an accelerated response by the company to the current challenging environment posed by the COVID-19 outbreak and the resultant economic impact.

The GIGGo app is now available for use in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, Asaba, Benin, and Port Harcourt, in addition to Lagos where it has been running since inception in November 2019.

Ecommerce in Nigeria
A staff of an eCommerce company scans a product at a warehouse in Lagos before dispatch on (AFP PHOTO / PIUS UTOMI EKPEI- AFP/Getty Images)

The app will enable users in these cities to make requests to ship packages from the comfort of their homes and track the delivery process.

Leveraging Technology during COVID-19 Crisis

The emergence of the COVID-19 virus has seen the various business ecosystem respond by leveraging technology. More than ever before, more players in the industry are leveraging technology to support their company.

In Nigeria, the internet penetration rate stands at about 65% and growing. The number of internet users in the country is also on increasing year on year. With an average population of 98.39 million internet users with more than 56% of the adult population using a smartphone, this move is coming at no better time.

GIGGo App: How it works…

Beyond, the benefits, the expansion is a significant enabler to the economy and the citizens at this time.

First, a large percentage of the population is compelled to stay indoors by government orders with a growing need to shop for necessities from the safety of their homes. With its safety practices, GIGL provides an impressive alternative to shoppers to be happy while they stay safe.

The second significant impact of such a move is the preservation business that would otherwise have wound down owing to the restrictions. The economy has witnessed a significant boost in the growth of social commerce entrepreneurs that rely hugely on logistics to deliver the value they have promised.

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GIGL: Driving Logistics with innovation

Led by tech entrepreneur, Chidi Ajaere, GIG Logistics has retained its leadership in the African mobility space by consistently employing technology to scale its operation.

In a forward-thinking move by the Chidi-led team, the company also has grown its footprints to some other countries in West Africa and the United States.

GIG Logistics is Redefining Delivery in Nigerian Major Cities with its GIGgo App

This explains GIGL’s leverage of technology to become one of the dominant logistics players in Nigeria in spite of the limitations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Brief About the GIGGo App

Leveraging on the growing digital community in the country, GIG Logistics launched the GIGGo app, an on-demand app for pickup and delivery, last year. The app also promotes contactless transactions using technology.

The spread to four new cities signals a coverage of a greater portion of Southern Nigeria.

Speaking on the development, GIGL’s Chief Operations Officer, Ayodele Adenaike that “with a few taps from a phone, people can stay indoors yet order any type of delivery vehicle to pick up all the items they need and deliver as fast as possible to their doorstep.”

Ayodele Adenaike, Chief Op­erations Officer (COO) of GIG Logistics.

With the GIGL’s wealth of experience that comes with successfully completing millions of shipment and its talented team, the company is poised to help Nigerians through these trying times, and as well support the future of commerce in Nigeria.

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