TaxAide Releases App to Help Nigerians File Personal Income Tax Returns With Less Stress and at Reduced Cost

personal income tax
personal income tax

As its way of making it easier for Nigerians to comply with the directives of the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), TaxAide has launched its app which it calls PITApp®.

The PITApp is designed to help people make payments easily and with less stress compared to what would be the case if the payments are done manually. PitApp was developed by TaxTech; the tech subsidiary of TaxAide.

According to the Chief Executive Officer at TaxTech, Bidemi Olumide, “the app is designed to make life easier for Nigerian taxpayers; especially in an increasingly technologically-driven world.”

He went on to say that, “PITApp saves you time and money by reducing resources that would have been spent on undertaking these tasks manually”.

Members of the working class in the country are mandated by the Government to file their Personal Income Tax returns for the year 2020 before March 20. The filing is to be done with the appropriate revenue agency of the state where the individual is resident.

TaxAide Launches PITApp to Handle Personal Income Tax Returns With Less Stress
To many working class Nigerians, tax is a complex issue

With over 900 tax advisory agencies in the country jostling for people to file with them, TaxAide’s application reduces the operational aspect that taxpayers are saddled with.

CEO of TaxAide, Bidemi Olumide describes it as a huge distraction from the core economic activities that should generate the tax in the first place. The essence of TaxAide is thus, to handle those distractions for the average income earner.

This is the essence of TaxAide; to take care of those distractions. From tax audits management, to payroll management, to PIT management, to corporate income taxes management, to the management of transaction taxes as Value Added Tax, Withholding Tax, etc.

Bidemi Olumide, Chief Executive Officer, TaxAide

The software can be accessed here and on TBook® on the appstore and Google PlayStore.

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