Microsoft is Planning to Bring Microsoft Defender Antivirus to Your iOS and Android Smartphones


You probably have used Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) antivirus on your Windows or Mac PC. But never on your smartphones, right? Well, Microsoft is planning to bring it to Android and iOS platforms soon.

The software giant is developing a mobile app of its antivirus/anti threat for both mobile operating systems in a bid to improve mobile security.

Since the creation of operating systems, malware and malicious apps have always been a big concern on iOS and Android. Users of mobile devices are exposed to phishing attacks through links and attacks from sideloaded apps.

Hence many users have always employed antivirus apps like AVG, Avast, Clean Master, NQ Security Labs to combat hacks and viruses.

Research Shows Clean Master & 200 other Antivirus Apps Are Useless At Detecting Threats
Antivirus apps on Playstore.

But one will find out these antiviruses are to an extent useless or not even needed at all. Last year, research by AV-Comparatives, an antivirus industry organization, showed that more than 200 antivirus apps on the Play Store are useless. Many of them proved inefficient at detecting and fighting threats.

Now, Microsoft Defender will join this market of “antiviruses” to prevent malware in Android apps that are sideloaded onto devices.

‘They’re pretty safe, (Android and iOS) but pretty safe is not the same as safe. Malware does happen on those platforms.’

Rob Lefferts, Vice President, Microsoft.

Although the full details of what the Microsoft Defender app will do have not been made know, it will most likely prevent users them from visiting online destinations that Microsoft deems unsafe and guard against phishing attacks.

Image result for microsoft defender
Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection uses

Also, Microsoft Defender on mobile will likely be very different from the desktop versions, since as Apple’s iOS platform doesn’t allow apps to scan for malware across its devices like iPhones and iPads.

Nevertheless, this move is in furtherance of Microsoft effort to tap into the global security market which is worth $80 billion.

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