Looking to Have a Wonderful Valentine Experience But Don’t Know How? Here are 5 Apps that Could Help

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It’s 2 days to Valentine. That period of the year when lovers are preparing to spend a romantic evening together with lots of fun and eatables in between.

Generally many people see Valentine’s Day as the perfect day to do something special for their significant other. And it pretty much makes sense because people will be out to sweep their partners off their feet that day. So why make your partner (or to-be partner) feel left out of the season?

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If you are out of ideas on how to give your partner a treat, or even finding a partner to share the season with, well we got you. Here are a few apps that could give you that opportunity or inspiration to make the day perfect.


Disclaimer: Before you come for my head, I felt we should start with the single brothers and sisters first, you know.

So yeah, you are single and valentine is almost here. Friends are already sharing their plans for the day, but you can’t. Or you are willing to move out of your circle of friends to catch up with someone, a dating app like Tinder might come through.


Although, many people complain the app has been overthrown by ‘catfishes’, but that shouldn’t deter you, no? You never can tell, Cupid could decide to shoot at you for the day, and you get someone to spend the Valentine Day with. Isn’t that just romantic?


You already have that special one already right? Great. So you need an evening getaway, or let’s say for the whole weekend. Well, an app like Airbnb could come in handy.

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You can surf several locations, luxury or pocket friendly, where you and your special one can chill together – away from prying eyes. But hurry now, many people are also trying to do same.


So you are going to this new spot or meeting this new person and you want to document it, make short cool videos for memories or to ‘pepe dem’? Triller is one cool app for that.


Users can make short video clips and fuse them together with cool music playing in the background. The videos could be shared on the Triller network or saved to be shared on other social media platforms.


So, you have decided to spend the evening at home, with your bae or boo. With foods, drinks and love in the air, movies won’t be a bad idea – especially if you are not off to the cinema.

Netflix is one app to turn to. With millions of hours of contents, the platform gives you a wide array of movies to select from. So, together in each other’s arms, proper settings, food, drinks, and movies – cool.

Jumia One App

What’s Valentine without gifts? From singlets and boxers to perfumes and jewelry, gifts are one way people express love on Valentine’s day.

So, you need to gift your loved one, an ecommerce app like Jumia One could prove helpful. With promises of Valentine’s discount, you just might get that perfect gift you have always wanted to get your significant other at a fair price.

Other apps like Konga could also be used for this gesture.

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Now, don’t thank me. I’m just trying to make the world a better place one Val at a time. So brethren, go get those awwwns. May the force be with you. Ciao!

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