From PS4 to Waterproof Speakers – Here are the Top Gadgets Your Man Wants for Val

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This week, Love is in the air with Valentine just right around the corner. Many lovers are searching for that perfect romantic gift that will wow their partners. With so many gift options to choose out of, you might find it difficult to select the right one.

Luckily for you, we at Technext are here for the rescue. If you are a lady and can’t decide what mind-blowing present you can give to the man who has been pampering and taking good care of you. We have curated a list of techy gifts that you man will surely love.

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We have sifted through trending valentine tweets, checked out online stores and we have also asked the gentlemen their choices and you would be surprised most men have a lot in common.

So, ladies, no more shirts, shoes and boxers because here is what your man really really wants for Val.

#1 Play Station 4 (PS4)

Soccer is a generally spoken language among men, so it wasn’t surprising when the latest home gaming console was on the top list of many guys Val list.

Getting your man a play station device is a sure way to get him happy especially if he loves sports or gaming. However, if he already has PS4, you can just surprise him when the highly anticipated PS5 comes out.  

#2 Airpods

Airpods are popular among ladies, but men also love them. Their sleekness, sound quality and portability make them a must-have for many men.

From PS4 to Waterproof Speakers – The Top Gadgets Your Man Wants for Valentine

Although it might be a bit expensive, getting this gift could be the perfect disguise that may get him thinking about you anytime he’s enjoying good music.

#3 Smart Watch

If your man loves gadgets, a smartwatch is a top pick. Most smartwatches perform lots of tricks that men love, like tracking location for jogging or commute, initiating searches on the internet with your voice etc.

From PS4 to Waterproof Speakers – The Top Gadgets Your Man Wants for Valentine

Some models even monitor heart beat and can work without being paired to a smartphone. So, depending on the kind of man he is, you can get him a fancy watch or a smartwatch that tells him when you’re close.

#4 Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

Music inspires the soul and can bring people closer. Most of the guys we chatted with especially love loud music. Waterproof speakers are perfect for outdoor picnics. They also have other functionalities like charging, a virtual assistant and ability to pair multiple wireless speakers for a better sound experience.

So, getting your man a wireless speaker that can survive any outdoor weather condition including rain would be something you man would like.

#5 Portable Wi-Fi

This particular gift can be a blessing to you as well as your man, as you get to hop on his internet whenever you are together. The Portable Wi-Fi might not be much but it provides the internet service to keep you and your lover connected all the time.

From PS4 to Waterproof Speakers – The Top Gadgets Your Man Wants for Valentine

There you have it, our top picks of valentine gifts for your man. However, whatever your choice of gift, remember love is more about the people in it, and not necessarily the gifts. Enjoy the Valentine week.

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