From Apple Watches to Electric Makeup Kits- Here are the Top Gadgets Your Bae Actually Wants for Val

Valentine gift
Valentine gift

Right now, most people are searching for the best gifts to give their partners. Luckily for them, tech always finds a way of weaving itself into the most peculiar of industries, and as it turns out, there are a number of tech items you could delight your partner with for Val.

I have sifted many items, checked out online stores, checked out tweets that contain amazing gifts but most importantly, I have put the question out to ladies and you won’t believe some of the answers I got.

First for the ladies. Of course, the traditional trip to Dubai or Hawaii, a macBook Pro, and the iPhone 11 options surfaced here and there, but generally, there are a number of cool tech stuffs that ladies would appreciate.

Ready to roll?

#1 An electric makeup brush set

When ladies made this particular suggestion, I was like, “definitely!’ It has the tech, but more than that, it is something that most ladies use everyday.

Getting her an electric brush set is great for one major reason, it saves time and it does not require the lady to pay for professional makeup service every time as that will end up being more expensive on the long run.

Something really random

One of the suggestions for a techy val gift was a cake. A c.a.k.e. The lady, who I will not mention, said a cake is a techy gift for val because it is baked in a techy appliance; an oven.

I know, right? I can’t believe it myself, and I’m a lady.

#2 Airpods

Now, this is a favorite among ladies. I certainly hope you were not expecting to read of laptops and stuff like that, because that did not come up even once. Ladies have moved when it comes to val gifts.

This is a teensy bit expensive but if you can afford it, you can’t miss it with this one. Ladies enjoy their music and if you get her something that makes that process even less stressful, you will be her prince charming.

Uhhh, yet another random thing

There was this particular lady that wanted…. oh, I dare you to guess this one!

Her idea for a techy val gift was a time machine or teleporter. According to her, this would help her spend more time with her man. #sigh

#3 Smartwatch

While the obvious choice for this is AppleWatch, there are quite a number of options that can be explored in this area. Depending on what you want, you can choose functionalities tailored to health, communicating, or simply checking the time.

Hello, pretty smartwatch

#4 Bluetooth speaker/earphones

This is a low budget techy gift that can work for val. Headphones and headsets are great for shutting out the world, and bluetooth speakers can go a long way in helping her get the right setting for different occasions.

#5 Build her a website

Okay, so maybe this sounds a bit overboard; it is actually not. Memories are great treasures to ladies and building a website filled with that can do wonders.

If you have a bit of website building skills, you can take this up. It’s low budget, techy, and will communicate your feelings in a very personal way. Check out this anniversary website a guy came up with instead of a trip to Dubai!

Whatever your gift choice, it does not have to break the bank or be something random. You can pick a thing or two from the options shared here and remodel them to your taste and budget. And whatever you get, Have fun planning!

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