Wallets Africa Launches Wallets for Developers to Offer Payment Gateway and Other Functions to Developers

Wallets Africa
Wallets Africa

Nigerian fintech startup, Wallets Africa, has added a new product to its already existing offering. This latest product is the Wallets for Developers targeted mainly at developers.

Announcing on its official Twitter handle, Wallets Africa explained that the Wallets for Developers is now available and can be accessed from its dashboard through the ‘developer keys’ option now present in the settings menu.

With this new offering, websites can integrate some of the cool features that Wallets Africa currently offers its users. If you own a business website, with Wallets for Developers, you can create wallets for people that transact on your site.

You can also credit or debit their wallets account as required.

Wallets Africa Launches Wallets for Developers for Easy Payment Gateway

There are other startups that offer similar services to Wallets API. One of them is Paystack and many businesses in Nigeria have integrated the Paystack payment gateway and receive payment with it.

The ease of integrating and using Paystack has made it one of the top choices for e-commerce companies.

However, in addition to its payments gateway, Wallets has included some extra features for developers in its API.

Wallets for Developers makes it possible for businesses to manage the transactions of their customers online. The fintech company does this by enabling websites using the API to create individual wallets for customers of the platform.

Through the API, Wallets platform can be used to transfer funds into bank accounts in Nigeria. It could also be used for transfers into accounts in Ghana and Kenya. This gives a wider range to people using the API.

The Wallets API allows users to verify the authenticity of their customers through the bank verification number (BVN) and it comes at no cost to developers.

This is Wallet Africa’s third product offering since Microtraction invested an undisclosed amount in the fintech in 2018.

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