Meet Gatepass, Nigeria’s Tech Startup that is Disrupting the Real Estate Industry

Gatepass is a tech startup that has developed an Internet of Things solution to enhance security for estate residents and property developers.

As more and more houses are being grouped together in estates all over Nigeria, a need has emerged for security and proper communication within these estates. Gatepass is a tech startup that has developed an Internet of Things solution for estate residents and property developers.

This cloud-based solution is available to users on their mobile phones.

What does the Gatepass solution do?

With Gatepass, the people who live in a community can enhance the security of their community by controlling who is able to enter in. Visitors are given a code which they can enter at the gate to be allowed in immediately. It implies also that outsiders without a visitor’s code will not be able to enter the said area.

On the platform, residents can make payments that is general to their community as well as put structures in place to handle emergency situations.

The cloud-based solution is not just for residents, it has been optimised to deliver value across a value chain of property developers as well as portfolio managers and facility managers.

The managers of the community can manage their facilities in a way that is transparent to every resident. With the feedback and insights gotten from residents, property managers can figure out ways to improve the experience delivered to their residents.

To enhance communication across an estate or community, Gatepass seeks to eliminate the spam and tendency to miss important messages that is the case with Whatsapp groups. With its feature that allows estate-wide notices, residents can keep track of what is important.

Gatepass wants to revolutionise the way communities and estates are managed in Nigeria and with its software product, it is already making progress.

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