Undaunted by Rivals, OPay Continues its Expansion with the Launch of OTrike in Ibadan


OPay has launched the tricycle arm of their transportation service, OTrike, in Nigeria’s brown roof city, Ibadan.

Earlier this year, the Opera subsidiary brought its range of tech driven transportation services to Nigeria and has rivaled the likes of Uber and Bolt at every turn.

At least one of Opay’s ride-hailing services is available to inhabitants of the five states it currently operates in.

Building on the strength of its entry into other states, OTrike has now been launched in Oyo state as another desirable option for transportation.

Thinking about an OTrike ride?

To get around town in an OTrike proved to be an uncomplicated process. First, I downloaded the OPay app from which I could access all of their services.

Upon launching the app, from the different services present, I selected the option named OTrike, since I wanted a tricycle ride.

The app prompted me to fill in my location and where I wished to go, which I did. From the details I filled in, it showed me the price estimate of where I was going.

It’s all still new, so there’s a price slash available and it showed me the discounted price. The app also gave me the corresponding price estimate if I had selected ORide for a bike ride instead.

After these details had been received, the app located available OTrikers and connected me to one.

For free?

Of course not! For every OPay app, there is a wallet for the user on the app. The wallet can be funded from your bank account through a transfer.

Whatever amount that is in your wallet is accessible to OPay, and is deducted every time you make a transaction or order a ride.

After a ride conducted with ease, I authorised a payment by clicking on the pay button.

With the fear of bike-related accidents, people are constantly looking for safer and less expensive yet effective ways to get from one place to another.

Perhaps OTrike is one more vote in favour of safe transportation for the masses.

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