Glo Users to be Barred from Calling Airtel Lines as NCC Orders Partial Disconnection of both Networks


In an announcement released by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) on October 18, the commission authorised the partial disconnection of Globacom Limited from Airtel Networks.

The NCC made this decision based on the failure of Globacom to pay interconnect charges to Airtel.

Airtel Africa Suffers More Losses from Glo
Airtel Nigeria

Interconnect charges?

Remember that time when you used your Airtel (or other) line to call your friend who is a Glo subscriber and he or she missed the call? More often than not, the person called back with their Glo line to catch up.

A Glo subscriber calling her friend who is an Airtel subscriber
A Glo subscriber calling her friend who is an Airtel subscriber

Behind the scenes with Glo and Airtel though, it’s a different kind of catching up.

Glo has to pay Airtel because you used your Glo line to call an Airtel line. Whether it’s a return call or a deliberate call that was picked on the other end, whichever network is calling is mandated to pay some charges to the network that is receiving the call.

The charge being paid is the Interconnect Charge.

According to the notice by the NCC, Globacom Limited has defaulted in its payments of Interconnect Charges to Airtel Networks, hence the partial disconnection.

NCC’s Action, Glo and Glo Subscribers

Following the statement by NCC, from the October 28, Glo Subscribers will not be able to make calls to Airtel lines. However, they will be able to receive calls from Airtel lines.

It has not been stated, however, if this will also affect text messages or if Glo users will be allowed to send text messages to Airtel lines.

The Notice released by the Nigerian Communications Commission

According to the commission, Globacom does not have any credible reason for failing to meet up on its interconnect obligations.

This refusal or inability to meet its obligations will come at a cost. The disconnection, when effected, will inconvenience glo Subscribers and therefore Globacom itself.

The inability of users to call family and friends on the Airtel network could cause many a subscriber to port, if Glo does not fix its household issues.

From epileptic internet connection, to being charged 72k/seconds for calls in some cases, being restricted from calling Airtel lines may just be one straw too many for Glo subscribers.

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