CcHub and TASUED Launch First Edtech Center to Accelerate Use of Tech in all Nigerian Schools

On October 14, Co-creation Hub (CcHub) and Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED) launched a first of its kind education tech hub called edtechCOE within the institution’s ICT center.

The launch was done by the vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof Arigbabu Adelaja; the Chief Executive Officer of CcHub, Bosun Tijani; and the Registrar of the university, Mr Babatunde Oduwole.

The edtech initiative which was pioneered by CcHub was carried out under the umbrella of the hub’s education ventures; re:learn.

According to the CEO of CcHub, Bosun Tijani, EdtechCOE was launched with the aim of “accelerating research and development in the application of tech for teaching, learning and management of education in Africa”.

Further expounding on the future benefits of the Edtech initiative, he went on to explain that it would go a long way in helping to create the society we desire.

Education is the bedrock of healthy societies. As we continue to contribute to shaping the innovation ecosystem in Africa, accelerating the application of innovation and technology in improving education outcomes will be crucial to driving our overall agenda.

Bosun Tijani

The center will focus on major areas that will impact e-learning across Nigerian educational institutions. Grants will also be given by CcHub to Masters and PhD projects in topics and fields that will contribute greatly to the enhancement of teaching with technology.

The hackathon is a part of the launching activities for the center

To mark the launch of the center, preparations were made towards an hackathon that will reward the most innovative ideas and solutions in the Edtech sector.

Applications are still being received for the hackathon until October 20.

The center opens with key input from the educators at TASUED.  There are expectations that it’ll usher in innovations that have immediate and sustained impact on the Nigerian educational sector.

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