PiggyVest Maybe Recruiting Student Ambassadors. How Would that Turn Out Eventually?

Ejike Kanife
PiggyVest won’t be the first organisation to adopt student brand ambassadors though…
PiggyBank was founded by four young entrepreneurs

Foremost Nigerian savings and investment startup, PiggyVest, is adopting the idea of appointing PiggyVest student ambassadors across campuses in Nigeria.

It all began when a student of UniLag TechNext identified as Sobambo Adedotun indicated the need for PiggyVest to have brand ambassadors in Nigerian tertiary institutions and nominated herself for the role in UniLag.

“Dear @PiggyBankNG, I see that you do not have campus brand ambassadors. I kindly appoint myself as your new campus brand ambassador -UNILAG,” Adedotun tweeted while availing herself for further discussions.

PiggyVest would reply “let’s do this”.

Following this, students of various higher institutions have volunteered themselves for the role in their respective institutions.

PiggyVest Student Ambassadors to be Appointed Across Nigerian Universities

“Yes we are really considering it,” PiggyVest confirmed to TechNext even though it isn’t clear if they have selected what institutions, to begin with, the roles of the ambassadors and for how long they would serve seeing as they have limited time to stay in school.

Adedotun herself confirmed to TechNext that she has been officially contacted to become a PiggyVest student ambassador for UniLag.

“I have been officially contacted by PiggyVest,” she told our reporter. “I know the role of a brand ambassador is to promote the brand. To give it more costumers. My personal role is to bring more people to the light of the benefits I have received and enjoyed.”

But would student ambassadorship be a good idea for Piggyvest?

PiggyVest was previously known as Piggybank

Because saving is especially more difficult for students due to financial constraints, they, more than anyone else, need to learn to save and invest. Asides the money they get from home, some students also work or do businesses on the side to earn some money.

The habit of saving and investing won’t only do them a world of good now as well as after they graduate and start working full-time.

Nigerian students need to learn how to save

But then, there are lecturers, other school employees, and people who do businesses around the school communities and who could afford to save and leave their money long enough.

PiggyVest student ambassadors would thus be useful in reaching out to these ones and bring them into the fold.

PiggyVest won’t be the first organisation to adopt student brand ambassadors though. Telecoms company, Airtel Nigeria has had student ambassador programmes called the Smart Student Brand Ambassador running for a while.

Top Nigerian bank, UBA, also has its own student brand ambassador programme targeted specifically at the same demography.

PiggyVest Wants to Have Student Ambassadors Across Nigerian Universities, But Would that be a Good Idea?

Thus, there are already footprints to follow. The importance of peer to peer marketing cannot be overlooked which is why the Fintech needs to get it right by contracting popular and tech-savvy students who already love its brand as Adedotun does into its ambassadorship.

Students like awoof. Therefore, PiggyVest could consider savings plans that ensure they get more than just interest on their deposits, maybe a bonus or gift for every saving milestone achieved.

Furthermore, the tenure and expectations for PiggyVest student ambassadors should be clearly defined seeing as students have limited time to spend in school.

If handled well, this could be the start of something wonderful.

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