Tech Community Reacts as Andela Reveals Plans to Lay-Off 400 Junior Engineers from Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda


Earlier today, we reported that prominent developer training and outsourcing company, Andela will be laying off a significant number of its developer workforce.

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This decision was influenced by a need for the startup to “better align with what the market needs”. According to Andela’s CEO, Jeremy Johnson, Andela now has significantly more junior talents than they are able to place or will be able to place over the next 1 year. This is because the market/clients are in need of more senior-level engineers.

Following this, about 250 staff members in Nigeria and Uganda and some 170 engineers in Kenya (representing 26% of its 1,500 pre-layoff workforce), will loose their jobs.

However, Andela has put some plans in place to ensure a smooth transition for the junior engineers affected. These include a partnership with innovation hubs in each country to help connect the affected developers with opportunities in their local ecosystem. 

Expectedly, this announcement came as a surprise and was received by the online tech community with mixed feelings. Several users have claimed it’s not a good deal for the ecosystem – which has once been tackled by Jumia boss, Sacha Poignonnec, who believes the ecosystem does not have up-to-par developers.

On the other hand, many people are looking on the bright side saying it is a good one for the ecosystem as it will allow more tech companies pick these young brilliant guys, helping them hone their skills.

Some startups/tech players have already started to advocate and offer opportunities to the affected developers. Infact, a Twitter account @RecruitAndelans has been created to help curate companies in need of junior-level developers.

The full effects this layoff will have on the ecosystem in the coming months remains to be seen.

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