Want to Start Using OPay’s Ride-Hailing Service ORide? Here’s a Quick Look at What to Expect

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A pool of ORide motorcycles..

Earlier in July this year, Opera raised a $50 million round to start its chain of services in Nigeria. It went on to launch its pioneer service, ORide, which has since given the bike-hailing business in Nigeria a new lease on life.

In quick successions, Opera has expanded its services beyond bike-hailing to give people more options in the transportation sector. After the launch of Otrike, first in Aba and then in other states in the country, Opera went on to introduce OBus in Lagos.

Otrike is the arm of its transportation service that allows users to order tricycle rides. The tricycle is commonly called ‘keke maruwa’ by Nigerians and takes three passengers in the back seat. All Opera’s transportation services can be accessed from one mobile app that has surprised many a Nigerian with the way services and functionalities keep getting added.

For people who are yet to get on board, TechNext reviewed the ORide menu available on the OPay app and here is what we found.

ORide for beginners

When you launch the OPay mobile app, you are asked for your password. Bear in mind, you will be required to sign up first before you can use the app.

After you are logged in, you can access the services on the app from the options on the screen.

OPay’s services

Take a ride

To explore the ORide service, use the ‘Take a ride’ button. Before you can access the ride service though, you need to have money in your OPay/ORide wallet which can be funded from your bank account.

Since my wallet was funded, the app autostarted the process of getting a ride for me. I filled the appropriate details for my current location and my target destination and the bill for my ride was displayed on my screen. I selected the location from where I wanted the ORider to pick me up and then I selected the location I wanted him to take me to.

An interesting thing to note is that as soon as you enter your location details, the app shows you little comical icons of bikemen wearing green. That is to indicate the number of ORiders around you. Based on the availability of riders, the app connects you to one.

It’s pretty fast and efficient

The process can take anything from seconds to a few minutes depending on the availability of riders, ease of locating where you are or where you are going.

After a bikeman has picked your order, he calls you and arranges to meet you in a specified number of minutes to complete your order.


Payment is made through the app when you have gotten to your destination. However, you can choose to pay for the ride in cash, in which case you would have to indicate on the app.

A lot of other services can be accessed on the OPay app from buying airtime to investing. Opera is evidently dogged about creating its own option for every transportation niche in the country. Soon, it might just include a ‘personal assistant, “OWhat is next?’ option. Why not?

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