Kwese TV Risks Legal Actions Over World Cup Contracts After Closing Shop


Econet Media’s entertainment subsidiary Kwese TV has received a lawsuit threat from So Dave Classic Limited. The threat was issued in a letter addressed to Kwese through its Lagos-based lawyer Mr. Chris Ezenwa Anokam.

Earlier last year, Kwese TV arranged for So Dave Classic Ltd to make 150,000 AS Flyers in preparation for the World Cup that would be held in Russia. The flyers were circulated across various states in Nigeria including Bayelsa and Edo.

Scrapping Kwese TV Gives Econet Media More Strength in the Digital Streaming World

In a letter addressed to Kwese TV dated March 26, 2019, Anokam claimed that Kwese TV owed his client the sum of N1,050,000 and N19,000 as payment for the flyers delivered for the World Cup event the previous year. He also demanded immediate payment through the letter which was titled “Demand for your immediate settlement of the sum of N1,069,000 owed to So Dave Classic Ltd”.

According to the Managing Director of So Dave Classic Ltd, Mr David Wetan, he had borrowed a sum of N1,050,000 from the bank in order to print the AS flyers at the agreed price of N7 per copy.

I was directed to produce the flyers for the company in less than a week in order to create awareness for the World Cup 2018. The company did not mobilise us (So-Dave Classic) for the job and promised to pay on delivery. It is over a year plus, I am yet to get payment from Kwese. 

David Wetan

Wetan said since he delivered the contracted flyers, Kwese TV had yet to pay him and the interest on the sum he borrowed from the bank keeps growing. His lawyer therefore demands that the full sum and the accrued interest since 2018 be paid fully to his client within 7 days of recieving his letter. Failure to pay So Dave Classic Ltd will have the already struggling and recently shut down Kwese TV facing court actions.

Please note that if after seven days from the date of this letter you further fail, refuse and neglect to pay the said sum into the law office, we shall have no other alternative than to put into effect our client’s brief to commence an action against you in a court of competent jurisdictions.

Chris Anokam

Econet recently announced that it is shutting down Kwese TV but retaining Kwese iflix and Kwese Play. This is after more than four years of operation in Nigeria and other countries. While it apologises to its subscribers and offers them a refund of their current subscription fees by dialing *119#, Econet has made a smart move in shutting down the Pay-TV.

kwese pays subscribers

This is because more people are joining the internet bandwagon and staying there. The trend now is streaming content from On-Demand platforms like YouTube and Netflix, hence the retainment of Kwese iflix and Kwese Play.

However, before Kwese TV can put to rest its entertainment activities in Nigeria, a certain marketing firm must be settled or the Court will step in.

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