Uber is Set to Expand Operations to Benin City Few Months After Taxify/Bolt’s Entry

Uber has witnessed a host of court cases over the last couple of months

The residents of Benin City now have an additional means of reaching their destinations as prominent ride-hailing service provider, Uber announces its launch in the city. Uber’s set launch in Benin City trails the launch of major competitor Bolt in the City

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Uber Nigeria will be partnering with the Edo State Government in its expansion into the city. The Edo State Skills Development Agency (EdoJobs) is currently handling the recruitment process and the launch date has been set for July 24.  

This was revealed by Ukinebbo Dare, the Senior Special Assistant to the State Governor on Skills Development and Jobs Creation during the finalisation of modalities essential to the smooth launch of the service in the state with the State Government.

“We are working with Uber to finalise modalities for the take-off of the service in Benin City. We are excited because this helps in getting people meaningfully engaged. “As you know, Uber gives car owners the opportunity to make some money with their cars. But we are keen on the job-creating feature of the service as well.”

Ukinebbo Dare, the Senior Special Assistant to the State Governor.

“We expect to have a full house. Early in the day, we will have a chat with journalists and afterwards, the governor takes the zero ride. That would mark the start of the service in Benin City.”

Ukinebbo Dare, the Senior Special Assistant to the State Governor.

The expansion of Uber, Bolt and some other car-hailing companies to other cities across the country signifies the spread of online services to other economic clusters beyond the usual focus areas (Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt).

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With over 267,000 monthly riders per month and over 9000 driver partners, Uber Nigeria is looking to buster their numbers with their expansion into Benin City.

What remains an area of interest to many intending users of the service in these new areas is the question of security. The expansion by Uber and Taxify/Bolt is coming in the face of unremitting security challenges in parts of the country.

Only time will tell how much both Uber and Taxify will be able to rise up to the challenge. The success of this adventure depends largely on that.

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