Mobile Healthcare Startup Kangpe Opens its First On-Site Clinic in Lagos with Plans To Take Over Africa


Kangpe, a Nigerian based mobile healthcare startup has launched Reliance Family Clinics, its first on-site clinic in Lagos. The Nigerian healthcare startup began as a telemedicine service provider that allows patients to receive answers to their health questions.

Clients use Kangpe via its various mobile platform, as the public can easily receive answers to their health questions by chatting up verified doctors by SMS, mobile app or on their website at any time of the day.

With a response time of 10 minutes or less, trained medical staff are on standby to answer your confusing health related questions for a small fee. Kangpe has a general practice of referring customers to a doctor who can help them further.

Founded in 2015 by Femi Kuti and Opeyemi Olumekun, Kangpe has evolved to incorporate Reliance HMO, a technology-enabled health insurance company in addition to its telemedicine service. With the healthcare start-up now operating in Ghana and Kenya as well, Kangpe is potentially serving a combined population of about 245 million people at the moment.

We’re really trying to give African people access to healthcare at a price point that makes sense to them, I’d really like Kangpe to become the “Oscar Health to Africa” by connecting people to initial consultations, health insurance or further medical care through the platform.

Femi Kuti, co-founder Kangpe

They are ranked among the top 5 best-funded startups in the digital health sector and have raised no less than US$1 million. Kangpe aims to be the number 1 mobile service connecting Africa to healthcare.

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Considering the fast-paced growth of the technological market on the continent and the space for expansion, Kangpe founder Kuti pointed out what they were doing differently. According to him:

Google doesn’t know about African disease, platforms working in the U.S. don’t exactly translate to care in Africa.

Femi Kuti

As visionary as it may seem, Kangpe isn’t the first of its kind on the continent. Uganda has Matibabu and Hello Doctor, while Kenya boasts of MedAfrica. But even with this competition the health market in Africa is large enough to accommodate many healthcare startups. According to Kuti, the startup has so far registered about 60,000 users.

This projected growth trend and figures show that Kangpe is just starting and the African healthcare space still has a lot of benefits to reap from them.

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