Roundup of Day One as Renmoney Ren:novate Hackathon Gets Under Way


Nigerian fintech company, Renmoney kickstarted its inhouse hackathon event yesterday. Tagged Ren;novate; 2019 Customer Journey Lifecycle, the event was geared at providing innovative solutions to help the startup grow even amidst competition.

The three day hackathon started with the introduction of the event and its aim. It was born out of the need for Renmoney to latch on to innovation and fully become a fintech entity hence the need for the hackathon “Ren:novate”.

The competition is featuring 6 in-house teams who would be expected to come up with innovative and “ren:novative” solutions to help the company going forward. The teams include – Team InterstellarTeam ZeusTeam BlueMoonTeam StarSixTeam Ren Excalibur; and Team Sunburst.

The event also witnessed the presence of various important personalities including the company’s CEO, Oluwatobi Boshoro who gave the keynote address. On her part she recognized the fierceness of the fintech space and the need to do something differently to scale and change the landscape.

The day 1 of the event also saw Damilola Jegede, CEO of Swipe, take the stage to talk about Design Thinking and Human-centered Design. The event was also graced by the presence of the CBN Payment System Management Director, Sam C Okojie.

Immediately after these, teams were given further directives on what is expected of them to do and a photo op session was initiated.

The team of 7 judges for the Hackathon event
A cross-section of the Hackathon judges and special guest – Sam C Okojie (Middle)
Some of the Hackathon team members and their Mentor.

Immediately after the photo op, the teams went on a short break after which they all went to their partitioned spaces and began brainstorming for the next big idea to come out of Ren:novate 2019.

They would continue doing so for the next 48 hours, up until Sunday, 14 April when a pitch session will hold and the winner will be determined.

The team with the winning solution will be sponsored for an online course in Digital Transformation from the University of Virginia. The team will also get gift packs and members will be inducted into Renmoney’s Innovation Committee. Team members will also get recommendation letters from the CEO. Second-placed teams will get gift packs while the 3rd placed team gets gift packs. 4th-6th placed teams will get gift packs as well.

At the end of the day, the teams retired to the hotel lodges provided for them where they would continue brainstorming and thinking up solutions in line with the directives given them.

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