Renmoney Kicks off Ren:novate Inhouse Hackathon to Provide Scalable Solutions to its Business

Renovation and the spirit of disruption was in the air as Renmoney kickstarted its inhouse hackathon titled: Ren;novate; 2019 Customer Journey Lifecycle. 

The hackathon is a three-day event which would run from Friday, 12th April to Sunday 14th April. It would feature 6 teams, 6 mentors, 7 judges and 1 moderator. The winner of Ren:novate hackathon will emerge by Sunday.

Teams taking part at the hackathon were all formed in house and are required to provide solutions that focus on building impressive customer journeys. Each team has a mentor for appropriate guidance.

The teams include: Team Interstellar; Team Zeus; Team BlueMoon; Team StarSix, Team Ren Excalibur; and Team Sunburst. Each team is expected to crack surface data that will be provided, carve out ideas and come up with solutions that address the theme.

Teams are also selected into categories. The categories include; Sales and Wealth Generation; Business Intelligence/Data Science; and Information Technology.
Qualities expected of their solutions include uniqueness, disruptive ability, tenacity and hack vibe.

Renmoney Launches Ren:novate Hackathon to Provide Scalable Solutions to its Business
Renmoney CEO, Oluwatobi Boshoro

While the teams looked vibrant from the onset, Renmoney CEO, Oluwatobi Boshoro non-the-less lighted up the hall with unbridled optimism. In her speech, she expressed her belief that the next best thing is in the hall because the team members have been industry players for a while. As such they understand the business and the customers and have a good idea how to scale the business.

Renmoney Launches Ren:novate Hackathon to Provide Scalable Solutions
CEO of Swipe, Damilola Jegede

CEO of Swipe, Damilola Jegede took the stage later on and talked about Design Thinking and Human-centered Design. He explained that design isn’t about how something looks but how it works. He said human-centered design is about creative problem solving which starts with people and ends with products tailored specifically for them.

Next to take the floor was Payment System Management Director of the CBN, Sam C Okojie who was the special guest of the occasion. He lauded the initiative and challenged the teams to think deeper. He expressed his belief that with the right kind of innovation, Nigeria would solve numerous problems bedeviling it and it all starts from here.

Renmoney Launches Ren:novate Hackathon to Provide Scalable Solutions
Cross section of judges and guests

Judges for the hackathon are: Innocent Igiwa; Yvette Marshall; Daniel Watts; Adija Uzodimma, Khade Idogho,; Tayelolu Adenusi; and Sayo Afolayan. The teams will be judged on the quality of their concept (10%), Design (25%), Development (15%), Presentation (20%), Time management (5%), Adherence to rules (10%), Wow factor (10%), and Integration of technology (5%).

The team with the winning solution will be sponsored for an online course in Digital Transformation from the University of Virginia. The team will also get gift packs and members will be inducted into Renmoney’s Innovation Committee. Team members will also get recommendation letters from the CEO.

The second-placed and 3rd placed teams will get gift packs as well. 4th-6th placed teams get gift packs will not go home empty too.

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