DHL Partners MallForAfrica to Launch an eCommerce App Called Africa eShop

DHL Partners MallForAfrica to Launch Africa eShop Ecommerce App

DHL has unveiled an ecommerce app designed to enable global retailers sell goods to African buyers. Called DHL Africa eShop, the logistics giant says the platform “provides convenience, speed, and access to connect African consumers with exciting brands.”

DHL Africa eShop is already available to over 200 retailers in both the US and the UK and is available for download in 11 African countries. They include Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Mauritius, Ghana, Senegal, Rwanda, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Botswana and Uganda.

DHL Launches Africa eShop in Partnership with MallForAfrica

According to TechCrunch, DHL Africa eShop relies on the architecture of ecommerce platform, MallForAfrica. Both DHL and MallForAfrica have been partners for years.

Relying on DHL’s impressive delivery and logistics infrastructure, MallForAfrica has been able to develop a platform that helps African merchants sell goods to global regions. Via another partnership, MallForAfrica allows Africans buy items from eBay and have them delivered to them on the continent.

Now, both DHL and MallForAfrica consider the Africa eShop as strategic to growing African ecommerce. Using MallForAfrica’s infrastructure, DHL Africa eShop will support payments in local payments, procurement and goods delivery.

“That’s what our service does. It takes care of that whole ecosystem to enable global e-commerce to exist, no matter what country you’re in,” says MallForAfrica CEO, Chris Folayan.

The partnership between the two companies could see the rise of a new ecommerce platform on the continent. DHL Africa and MallForAfrica are two companies with ecommerce competency and competitive logistics provider. Other ecommerce platforms like Jumia and Konga have developed their own delivery systems, but the cost of doing so has been tight. But DHL Africa eShop has an advantage.

And in the long run, eShop Africa could grow to compete directly with the continent’s big names.

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