Do You Know there are Keyboard Shortcuts for Social Media? Check These out!

Do You Know There Are Keyboard Shortcuts For Social Media?

Shortcuts can be very important features when working with digital platforms. From Microsoft Word, Medium, to WordPress, keyboard shortcuts simplify life for power users.

Now you’ll be relieved to know that there are dozens of keyboard shortcuts for social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Don’t thank me for this, thank the good folks at Hootsuite.

It’s crazy, but it’s true. Here’s how they work.

Facebook Shortcuts

Facebook with one billion users is an important platform for social media power users. And there are different keyboard shortcuts to help simplify navigation on the platform.

But Facebook keyboard shortcuts differ browser to browser. But the popular syntax is:

Firefox: Shift + Alt + #
Chrome: Alt + #

Note: Replace the ‘#’ with one of the following numbers.

0 – Facebook Help
1 – Home
2 – Timeline
3 – Friends
4 – Inbox
5 – Notifications
6 – Settings
7 – Activity Log
8 – About
9 – Terms

Shortcuts for Twitter

Now this is the really interesting one. Many times Twitter can be such a fast-paced environment with activities popping out from every direction. But thanks to these few shortcuts, Twitter can easily be managed.

The syntax for Twitter shortcuts is:

g + #

Where ‘#’ is a relevant alphabet or character.

Popular Twitter shortcuts include:
g + h – Home
g + o – Moments
g + n – Notifications
g + r – Mentions
g + p – Profile
g + l – Likes
g + i – Lists
g + m – Messages
g + s – Settings
g + b – Go to user
g + n – New tweet
g + l – Like
g + r – Retweet
g + m – Direct message
g + j – Next tweet
g + k – Previous tweet
g + . – Load new tweets

There is still a boatload of shortcuts for Twitter though. You can find the full shortcuts by pressing: Shift + ?.

Are These Keyboard Shortcuts Relevant?

Like Microsoft Word, social media shortcuts don’t seem like such a big deal to many people. But for power users, these shortcuts can help save time and make work quite effective.

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