Facebook is Introducing a Tributes Section for Accounts of Deceased Users

Social media platform, Facebook, is rolling out a new feature for accounts of deceased users on its platform.

Called the Tributes Section, it will enable people to leave messages in a section that is separate from the rest of the deceased person’s timeline. This space on memorialized profiles, will allow friends and family members to post stories, commemorate a birthday, share memories and others.

Memorializing accounts is a way for people on Facebook to remember and celebrate those who’ve passed away. A Legacy contact, a person selected by a users to manage their accounts after their deaths, can memorialize accounts and download all of an account’s data. They can even delete accounts completely but are not allowed to log into the account.

Of course, depending on a memorialized account’s privacy settings, friends can still post on its timeline despite being memorialized. But with a Tributes section, posts made after the day the account was memorialized will be placed there.

Legacy contacts will have more control over these tribute posts than they do over the rest of the account.

They will be able to decide who can see the posts, post tributes and delete posts. They will also be able to change who can see posts the deceased person is tagged in or remove the tag.

If the account had timeline review turned on, the legacy contact will be able to turn off the requirement to review posts and tags before they appear in the tributes section.

A screen shot of the notification received by some Legacy contacts today. Source: Techcrunch.

According to Techcrunch, some Facebook users who have designated “legacy contacts” were informed about the new feature by a notification sent to them today. And according to Facebook, the Tributes section is not available to all memoralized accounts yet, but they are working to bring the feature to all.

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