Jos-Based nHub Appoints New CEO to Power Its Vision for 2019

Jos-Based nHub Appoints New CEO to Power Its Vision for 2019

nHub, one of the leading tech hubs in northern Nigeria, is witnessing a significant change in its leadership structure. The Jos-based hub has announced the appointment of Mr Theodore Longji as its new CEO.

The appointment comes after former CEO, Mr Daser David, resigned to head the Plateau Information Communication and Technology Development Agency (PICTDA).

The new appointment has occurred quite early in 2019. But according to the hub’s incubation manager, the change is extremely crucial to ensure the hub meets its target for the year.

Speaking after the appointment, Mr Longji seemed joyous even though he understood the task ahead.

“I am very pleased with the appointment and look forward to driving the development and execution of our corporate strategy going forward,” he said. “In addition to the hub’s core values, we intend to devote significant time and effort to creating opportunities, nurture talents and pursue opportunities in technologies which we believe offers tremendous opportunity for value and job creation.”

Mr Longji has actually been a part of the nHub team from inception. Before his recent appointment as CEO, the University of Jos graduate was head of Research and Development at the hub.

About nHubs

nHub has been one of the thriving tech hubs located in northern Nigeria. Launched in 2015, the hub is looking to create a vibrant tech ecosystem in the northern part of Nigeria as a counterbalance to generally negative news.

“There was no single tech hub in the north to give the tech story of northern Nigeria aside from the negative news the media has been carrying around,” Mr David said at the time. “We know there are amazing developers in northern Nigeria doing amazing things.”

Over the years, nHub has helped to support ideas and innovations in that part of the country. It has held a few hackathons, trainings and incubation of startups from the region. Interestingly too, nHub is one of few tech hubs across Nigeria selected for the FbStart Accelerator program.

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