4 Productivity Hacks You May Consider In The New Year

4 Productivity Hacks You May Consider In The New Year

From cleaning your home to reshaping your life, there’s an app (or two) that will prove very useful. This will help you have a more focused and productive year and save yourself some extra time to do more fun stuffs.

Home Services

Have you ever had the need to fix something in your home but realized that you didn’t know who could do the job? That’s when an app like Wesabi comes in very handy. You can book a plumber, a cleaner or any other artisan to fix a hassle.

But if you prefer to do things yourself, you can sign up for the premium courses at flylady.net. These courses will teach you all you need to know about organizing your home.

Easy Laundry

Quite similar to Wesabi is Safi.ng. The web platform or app helps you to arrange for pick up of your laundry anywhere in Lagos and at any time and location that suits you. They will then take it away, sort it out and return it, again at a time and location that suits you. You could choose from various pocket friendly subscription packages. Safi.ng has premium services that allow you an option for Next Day delivery.

Track Spending

Don’t let anyone deceive you, there’s no app that will force you to save or stop you from spending. Yet, with the right commitment, there are apps and web platforms that can help you manage your spending. Expense Manager is an app that will help you watch your spending and help you stick to your financial goals. You will have a record of every expense you make and it will scan your receipts in simpler and faster ways.

Expense Manager helps you to see what you spend most of your money on and how much you could save each month. It can predict your future behavior after it has stored as much data over time. Another amazing app that can help with achieving your goal of raising initial funding is Wallet.

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Achieve life goals

No matter how intelligent or smart you are, we all need a bit of help to get motivated from time to time to be better. A fantastic platform that will help you achieve your life goals is Coach.me. This app focuses on building habits and tracking your goals. Presumably, it will help you to form the habits to the point where you no longer need the app to prompt you. Your goals can range from learning a new skill and eating healthy or quitting a bad habit. If you struggle keeping up with New Year Resolutions, you may want to consider this platform.

Was this article helpful? Please tell me about it if yes. Are there other apps or web platforms you think I should have mentioned? Please kindly mention in comment session. I wish you all a great holiday this season while you work towards a more productive year ahead.

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