Olamide’s ‘Poverty Die’, Kizz Daniel and Death of SpongeBob Creator, Top Google Search List for the Last 7 Days

Death of SpongeBob Creator, Kizz Daniel, Olamide Top Google Search List for the Last 7 Days

On the surface, the last seven days in Nigeria have not been as eventful as one would have expected. There weren’t much scandals, no snarky political news and no much joy from the entertainment world either.

But you couldn’t be more wrong. Google Trends data reveal once again that quite a lot of notable events occurred over the last seven days. Here they are.

Boko Haram vs Nigeria

Nigerians have not gotten over the shock news of the Metele Boko Haram attack that allegedly claimed the lives of over 100 Nigerian soldiers last week. Earlier in the week, Google Trends data show that the report still dominated search queries. With over 10,000 queries, the Nigerian online community are asking serious questions about how this massacre happened and why Nigerian intelligence failed to prevent it.

Police Recruitment

Yesterday, the Nigerian Police Force announced that recruitment into its ranks has begun. But, wait for it, within a twinkle of an eye, “Police Recruitment” became a top search query on Google.

With all the bad reputation the Nigerian police has gathered, one would have thought that fewer Nigerians would want to join the police force. Well, uh, sorry to burst your bubble activists, but people don’t seem to care. At least Google says so.

Tomi Adeyemi vs Nora Roberts

Earlier in the week, the Nigerian literary community lit up with talk of plagiarism. That’s right.

On Tuesday, globally acclaimed Nigerian-American author, Tomi Adeyemi accused Nora Roberts, a New York Times bestselling author of lifting her book title. Ms Tomi, writer of “Children of Blood and Bone” pointed out that Roberts used a similar title for her soon to be released book “Of Blood and Bone”.


Of course, the issue generated some controversy and eventually, the online community had their say on the matter. And as you’d expect, the views were highly divided.


To cut the story short, Nora Roberts reached out to Ms Tomi informing her that she only found out about her book thanks to the controversy. Apology accepted. Can we move on now?

Olamide’s “Poverty Die”

Popular Nigerian rapper, Olamide released the video for his latest song “Poverty Die.” Released as an animation, the new song is already garnering popular appeal with some even claiming that it could by and well be the next street anthem. Nevertheless, the keyword is trending on Google.

Stephen Hilenburg

The creator of hit show SpongeBob Squarepants, Stephen Hilenburg passed on yesterday after battling Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). His name went on to dominate search queries from Thursday as Nigerians wanted to read more about the creator of one of their favourite shows and what’s going to happen to it.

Death of Abba Kyari

The death of the Chief of Staff to the president, Abba Kyari came as a shock to many on Monday. The 80 year former military administrator died after a brief illness.

Kizz Daniel Album

Another music industry related query, Google has recorded a spike in queries about Kizz Daniel’s latest album. Apparently, the album had been highly anticipated. Titled “No Bad Songz”, the 20 track album was only released today but has already generated over 10,000 search queries.


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