Andela Graduates First Set of Developers from its Four-Year Fellowship Programme

Andela Ends Open Recruitment Program in Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda
Andela trains African softaware developers, then provides jobs for them in tech companies.

The first ever set of developers from the four-year Andela Fellowship have just graduated. From information gathered, 18 individuals joined the Fellowship when it started in 2014. After a series of intensive training and outsourcing, their graduation means they are free to either join other IT firms, start their own ventures, or join Andela in various capacities.

The developers were trained in a host of in-demand skills, such as Javascript, Ruby, Swift, React and Python. During their four year programme, the developers were privy to work as staff for big companies like GitHub, InVision, Wema Bank, Facebook, Google, and Viacom.

The Andela Fellowship is a core part of Andela’s operations. The company selects a few individuals to take part in a 6 months intensive training programme. At the end of the programme, successful participants are outsourced to work at IT firms, both local and international.

“Over the past four years, Andela developers have played a pivotal role in building technology communities across Africa and we are excited to see our early cohorts start on the next stage of their journey”, says Nadayar Enegesi, Andela Co-Founder & Director of Launchpad.

“Our mission has always been to build a network of world-class technology leaders on the African continent, and now that we’re launching our first set of Andela alumni, this is the crucial moment in the company’s history…”, the company said.

A few months ago, an Andela developer made the news when he was forced to show his developer competency at a US airport before allowed an entry into the country. It was both embarrassing and rewarding because it showed the extent to which Andela’s reach had spread.

Interestingly, in the coming years, the Zuckerberg-backed Andela is poised to produce more impressive developers for various companies. With offices opened in important locations across Africa, Andela will continue to unravel Africa’s talents and potentials.

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