Apple Introduces a Trio of New Flagship iPhones–XR, XS and XS Max, with New Features

Just a year after unveiling the iPhoneX, Apple has, yesterday launched a trio of its new iPhones–XR, XS, and XS Max, at its annual launch event.

With 3 new models, each with 3 different storage sizes available for each and a total of 9 colours options, Apple attempts to appeal to its wide range of users and position itself as the global smartphone leader.

Unveiling the Flagships – XR, XS and XS Max

Sadly, these flagships come with no new feature and are not so different from its recent makes like the iPhone X. The XS seems to be the upgraded iPhoneX and the XS Max as the new Plus for the XS  while the XR shares similar designs with the XS siblings but with fewer features (more like the budget phone in the series).

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Now, let’s compare them with significant features.

iPhone XS Max Size
iPhone XS Max Size

The XS is a 5.8-inch diagonal OLED “Super Retina” HDR screen with 458 pixels per inch (taller but thinner than the iPhone 8), while the XS Max is a 6.5-inch OLED “Super Retina” HDR screen – which is the biggest so far on an iPhone as it takes up more of the phone’s face.

As for the XR, its size is “caught-in-between” as its a 6.1-inch diagonal LCD “Liquid Retina” screen with 326 pixels per square inch which is a reduced screen sharpness unlike the XS and XS Max.

Iphone XS Camera
Iphone XS Camera

The dual camera seems to be the trend for flagships these days, as such both the XS and XS Max come with a dual 12-megapixel cameras offering stabilization for images and a 2X optical zoom like the iPhoneX, plus a new Portrait mode depth control feature.

Being the budget phone for the series, the XR only has one 12 megapixel camera and it doesn’t offer stabilization or 2X optical zoom like the others, but comes with a Bokeh-changing Portrait mode depth control.

All new flagship comes with a 7-megapixel front camera, with a FaceID like the iPhoneX.

Other Specs
Recent iPhones Price Range
Recent iPhones Price Range

Being the Flagship phones, they are more expensive than every other iPhone, the XS is $999 for the 64GB, $1,149 for the 256GB, and $1,349 for the 512GB. The XS Max comes at $1,099 for 64GB, $1,249 for 256GB and a massive $1,449 for 512GB. Both phones come in 3 different colours – stainless steel silver, gold, and space gray and are all waterproof up to two meters with longer battery life than iPhone X (up to 2 hours)

As the only significant change in the flagships, both XS and XS Max will come with Dual Sim capabilities.

XR being the budget phone, comes at $749 for 64GB, $799 for 128GB and $899 for 256GB. It also comes in 6 different colours – white, black, blue, yellow, coral and red, and is waterproof up to a meter longer battery life than iPhone 8 (up to 2 hours).

Pre-orders for XS and XS Max starts Friday, September 14th, and sales begin September 21st while XR pre-orders start a month later on October 19th and shipping on October 26th.

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