Spectranet Relaunches its Website and Announces a New AI-Powered App

Spectranet Relaunches its Website and Announces a new "AI" Powered App

Nigerian internet services company, Spectranet 4GLTE, has announced a re-launch of its website and the release of a new app.

The newly-released app and the refreshed website are part of the company’s aim to simplify access to the internet and make service delivery seamless.

“Spectranet is keen on keeping homes and families connected as we push frontiers in providing innovative, internet solutions with the customer-centric mindset”, says Ajay Awasthi, CEO Spectranet.

The new website comes with a few glaring aesthetic quirks. It is designed to be more visually appealing and intuitive for both new and old users. One other notable aspect of the website is that it provides a better understanding of Spectranet’s pricing and available plans. This makes it easier for customers to make choices on plans to purchase.

The new look of our corporate website is… an all-in-one hub with sufficient information on our services, data plans and modems.

“The site makes it easier for customers to access our services seamlessly. This is what we have been doing over the years. We are committed to sustaining this tradition, hence the need for this move.”

The new Spectranet mobile app is also steep in this direction. According to the company, the new app comes with a “unique artificial intelligence”, called EVA. EVA is more of a bot than an AI system though. But Spectranet says “provides instant responses” to queries from customers about the company’s services.

“The app will increase customer engagement and provide them with more values”, Spectranet’s Head of Marketing, Mike Ogor says.

“With the mobile app, connectivity becomes seamless and payment for subscription is made simpler. The app offers customers easy access to check their account balance and other related information.”

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