5 Apps for Earning Extra Cash You Need to Download Now

5 Apps For Earning Extra Cash You Need To Download Now. Money-making apps, Make money online

Okay, first and foremost, these apps won’t make you rich! But can these apps make you earn more than $60 (N21,600 @N360) per month? Well, that’s absolutely up to how efficient you are with them. These apps for earning extra income range from mobile advertising apps to market research apps to sharing economy apps.

You can start out with one today or even download as many of these money-making apps on your smartphone to double or multiply the extra cash you get even while in traffic, watching a movie, chatting with friends, replying emails, or simply unlocking your screen. Tiny drops of water, they say, make an ocean.

Google Opinion Rewards

I decided to start with this, not because it is probably the best but because if you were still in doubt whether these money-making apps work or not, you’ll be surprised to learn that Google also offers one of these rewarding applications. Google Opinion Rewards gives you extra cash for market research in the form of surveys and questionnaires on your android phone. You can download here (Not currently available in some countries). If it is not available in your country, no worries, try Money App; another amazing app that rewards you for market surveys.

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Inbox Dollars

Just for the records, Inbox Dollars has paid over $35m to its members. Just like Google Opinion Rewards, Inbox Dollars rewards you for taking part in their market research. It’s all fairly clear and easy—you are told the duration of each so you won’t end up spending a whole day filling forms and answering questions. Inbox dollars rewards you for taking emailed surveys, browsing the net and playing games, and allows you to cash out once you’ve made up to $30(approximately N10,000 @N360). Some extra cash for Shawarma (doner kebab)! Download here (Not currently available in some countries). If it is not available in your country, no worries, try Toluna; another amazing app that rewards you for just taking surveys, they pay in cash using PayPal.


SlideJoy pays you up to $5-15 per month to view ads on the lock screen of your android phone. Once it’s installed on your smartphone, its lock screen will feature news or adverts. The good news is you’ll be paid whether you chose to dismiss the ad or follow the link through. Just imagine how many times you unlock your screen per day and think of how much you can earn by just doing that same thing you’ve been doing for free all along. Download here (Not currently available in some countries). If it is not available in your country, no worries, try MooCash; but you only get coins by swiping left and engaging in an ad. 1,000 coins is worth $1.


Just like SlideJoy, Fronto pays you for advertisement on your smartphone lock screen. Fronto allows you to get paid for swiping left on adverts and following the link. These adverts are in the form of products or surveys once you follow through, you earn Fronto points, and about 2500 points will earn you up to $1. Download here (Not currently available in some countries). If it is not available in your country, no worries, try Whaff Locker before you unlock, you know how much you will earn. No cash? No ads!

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Userfeel is a bit more serious than the previous money-making apps we’ve discussed because you have to take a qualification test and subsequently, allows you to participate in usability tests; explore new websites and record meaningful feedback/assessment. The initial test is unpaid and meant to not only test whether the app is functional but also to give you a UserFeel rating—the better your rating, the more tests that will be assigned to you. For each test that lasts up to 10 to 20 minutes, you’re paid $10 via PayPal or Payoneer. Download here.

There are many other apps that will earn you some extra cash with very little effort, mostly what you’re currently doing for free already. These apps might not make you appear on Forbes or fill your bank account, but they might help take care of a few expenses. And just as you have learned, can help you teach someone else how to make a few extra cash!

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